10 Sandwiches Named After Famous People

Celebrities, movie stars, TV personalities and politicians, are just like us regular folks, only grander in a lot of aspects. However, if all the fine clothes, the fancy cars and the bodyguards are taken away, we are left with an ordinary human being that sleeps, drinks and eats. The only difference is, these people get food named after them. Here is a list of 10 celebrities that had sandwiches named after them. You can find similar sandwiches at Safeway Deli, or Schnucks Deli.

The Woody Allen

This famous actor and noted director have been in some of Hollywood’s biggest films such as Manhattan and Annie Hall, just to name a couple. With the big name, comes an even bigger sandwich. The Carnegie deli, in honor of Woody Allen, created the Woody Allen Sandwich; a monster of an arrangement with tons of pastrami and corned beef on rye.


The Oscar may have eluded Leonardo DiCaprio, but worry not, Lioni Italian Heroes, a restaurant in New York City, has awarded Leo with a sandwich named after him. The LDC includes roast beef, American Cheese, Lioni’s own mozzarella, bruschetta, stuffed peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, fried eggplants and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. This may seem as complicated as some of Leo’s performances, but in the same way as those performances, this sandwich hits the spot.

The Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, one of Hollywood’s top comedians, is apparently a seafood enthusiast. Stage Deli, which is in New York City, serves the Adam Sandler sandwich; a combination that features Nova Scotia salmon, lettuce, sturgeon, onion and tomato. This one came as a surprise, although, come to think of it, anything should be expected from Adam Sandler in the first place.

The Al Roker

Al Roker, a TV personality, popularly known for his weather reports at NBC’s Today, had a sandwich named after him from the same Stage Deli that gave birth to the Adam Sandler sandwich. Although Sandler’s is more seafood oriented, the Al Roker sandwich, on the other hand, sounds disgusting with its multi-layered arrangement filled with salami, pastrami and tongue. A lot of people said it tastes great, but it just sounds disgusting for some reason.

The Hef

The man, Hugh Hefner, was rightly honored at Heimerhaus with his own Hugh Hefner Sandwich. It is stuffed with generous portions of ham breasts and turkey with jack cheese and chutney. If it’s good enough for the man to put his name on it, it should be good enough for everyone.

The Freddie Mercury

The Two Bears restaurant has honored Freddie Mercury, the enigmatic vocalist for the famous band Queen, with his very own sandwich. An onion roll, filled with spicy sausage, pepperoni, mayonnaise, chipotle, mozzarella, marinated tomatoes and bacon, stuffed on a baguette. Looking at the ingredients for this, it should be as epic as one of Queen’s songs.

The Bambino- DeliMenuPrices.com
The Bambino

The Bambino is served at the Four’s restaurant in Massachusetts. This sandwich filled with one jumbo pound of hot dog is Babe Ruth’s creation. Just like the man, not needing any lengthy introductions, the jumbo hot dog stands on its own, complemented by nothing but mustard.

The Melo

In 2010, Carnegie Deli, in honor of the Knick’s acquisition of Carmelo Anthony, created The Melo; a towering stack of pastrami on rye, lettuce, tomato and bacon, all drenched in a Russian dressing. The whole thing is as tall as Carmelo.

The Alyssa Milano

Of course, this is another creation of Lioni, known for naming its sandwiches after famous Italian-American celebrities. Prosciutto DI Parma, mozzarella, basil mix and chicken cutlets, this sandwich sounds and looks as sexy as Alyssa Milano herself.

The Elvis Presley

Ah yes, who can ever forget the King’s love for food. Heimerhaus named one of its sandwiches after Elvis. An arrangement of onions and tomatoes together with liverwurst and mustard on a pretzel makes up the Elvis Presley sandwich. Surprisingly, this sounds healthy as opposed to Elvis’ fame for overloading his meals with peanut butter.