5 Reasons to Buy Your Meat at Albertson’s

Albertson’s is one of the big names in the grocery store industry in the United States. From its humble beginnings in 1939, as a single store in Boise, Idaho, Albertson’s now has over 600 stores throughout the country. The success of its grocery chain is attributed to the company’s business philosophy of catering to what the customers want at a price they can afford.

Among its many selections, the meat and seafood market attracts the largest attention. Thousands of people, from housewives to restaurateurs, visit the meat and seafood market everyday to find whatever favors the day’s appetite. So, what’s the secret? Here are 5 good reasons why these people never tire to come back and shop for meat at Albertson’s.

Clean and Well-organized

Sanitation is very important and never over-looked in any Albertson’s Meat and Seafood Department. The health and safety of both its clientele and employees are the first priority for the grocery chain. The meat sold here are guaranteed to be safe for human consumption. The common bad smells you’d find in any other meat market cannot be found here. The whole showroom for meat products are both spotless and well-organized and labeled. It allows for easier navigation throughout the meat market and a less time-consuming shopping trips for the consumers.

Honest and Proper

When the label says fresh meat, you are guaranteed that it is fresh meat. When it says the steak was hanged for 20 days, you can rest assured that it was hanged for 20 days. When it says that ground beef is 90% fat free, then the ground beef is 90% fat free. There are no lies or misleading labels to anything within the store, especially in the meat department. Everything is honest and proper. This is how Albertson’s does business and this is a major reason why its clientele keeps on coming back; it lives up to what it advertises.

A Large Selection of Meat

Everyone finds what they are looking for; from fresh beef to hanged steaks, from chicken to turkey, from tuna to salmons. A wide array of selected red meat, poultry and fish are available at any Albertson’s store. The people that come into any of the stores are assured that they will have plenty of choices. This large selection of meat products is always of the utmost quality. This consistent quality is due to Albertson’s wise selection of suppliers.

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Pocket-friendly Prices

When compared to other establishments, Albertson’s has one of the most reasonable pricing towards meat products. Often, consumers find good deals in the meat and seafood department. As proof of this, the majority of on-budget housewives choose to shop at Albertson’s. It is a testament to how the company embraces the founder’s principles of providing consumers with products at prices they can afford.

Well-mannered and Educated Staff

The friendliness, as well as the knowledge about the products they are selling, has always been met with positive reviews online. The professional but friendly demeanor of the employees has created a pleasing environment for shoppers. These are guys who would give you solicited advice on the best cuts and appropriate meat products to use for a certain recipe or just a simple barbecue out in your backyard