5 Best NYC Sandwiches

As it turns out, a sandwich is man’s best food invention because of it’s versatility, portability, and satisfying characteristics. From crusty and crunchy bread, tasty meat, and all the works in between, it can eaten as brunch, lunch, snacks, or even dinner.

While a soggy sandwich is a sad sight to witness, a well-made, fresh from the deli style would have made John Montagu flip in his grave because he knew he left mankind a marvel to behold.

Of course, the city of New York holds the best delis all over the world and it can be a challenge to say which one is the best. Through the use of the Internet and customers feedback, here is a list of the best sandwich places in NYC and their ultimate best sellers.

1. Meat Hook Sandwich Shop: Roast Pork

This one-of-a-kind deli between the streets of Powers and Grand in Brooklyn is a mecca for meat sandwiches especially after looking at their carnivorous menu.

While most of the sandwiches are nothing but tantalizing, the roast pork sandwich takes the top spot due to its piquant concoction of pork, escarole, tomatoes, and spicy raisins all in between an Italian roll. For only $13 a pop, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece waiting to be devoured in one sitting.

2. Katz’s Delicatessen: PastramiKatz's Delicatessen- Pastrami - DeliMenuPrices.com

While being the famous deli for Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s movie, “When Harry Met Sally”, this sandwich place is more than just a setting in films and an iconic tourist spot. They definitely know how to make tasty, succulent, and mouthwatering sandwiches, especially their signature pastrami sandwich.

Hot and delicious hand-carved meat is placed in between two, thick rye bread slices and waiting for someone to slather mustard all-over it, even if the price tag is almost $20 a pop.

Pastrami Sandwiches are also extremely popular at Publix Deli.

3. Alidoro: Pinocchio

This SoHo-based deli holds the best looking, best tasting sandwich menu in the entire city because their sandwiches are literally comparable to a National treasure due to its massive size. Having prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sopressata, a unique olive paste, and roasted sweet peppers make the Pinocchio the winner of them all mainly because of the unique kick the savory olive paste brings.

While prices may be high, this $13 creation is so big, you may consider it as two meals so you’ve actually got yourself a deal.

4. Num Pang: Five-Spiced Glazed Pork Belly

Besides being a unique deli in Manhattan, Num Pang knows that in order to attract customers, they need to serve melt-in-your-mouth meat with a twist. This is why the banh mi-style concoction takes the lead in their Asian menu because it has all the elements of a perfect sandwich with an upgrade in flavor.

For only $8.75, customers will be delighted with the sweet and salty taste added with the savory vegetables and tender pork belly with generous slabs of fats.

5. Margot Patisserie: Pan Bagnat

While being at the Upper East Side meant the sandwich may sound elitist and sophisticated, Margot Patisserie is no exception. Serving classic French Riviera-inspired staples, such as the beautiful and superb Pan Bagnat, this is the place to be if you wish to eat delicate tuna drizzled with olive oil and a resting, hard boiled egg on top in between two slices of brioche.

Priced at only $8.69, this healthy creation will make anyone full to the brim until suppertime.