Walmart Deli Prices

Since the first store opened in 1962, Walmart has been known to be a one-stop shop for that can give you everything you need with value for money, and this is why it’s really quite a popular choice among households nationwide.

The good news is that this value for money is not only limited to your usual grocery items, electronics, sports equipment, clothes, and everything else you can normally find in the Walmart universe. For your fresh and top quality food needs, the Walmart Deli is something you can rely on.

The Walmart Deli stays to true Walmart’s promise of giving you “Our best values, all in one place.” If you happen to have a Walmart Supercenter somewhere in your neighborhood, then you’ll be happy to find a delicatessen as well as a section for fresh seafood, meat and poultry, dairy products, garden produce, and others. But what exactly can you expect from the Walmart Deli?

Below are the latest Walmart Deli menu prices.


Prima Della (Delicatessen)

Premium Meats

USDA Choice Beef, No Artifical Flavors, Gluten & Msg-Free

Premium Cheese

Made With Real Milk, Gluten Free, Selection of Natural Cheeses

Prima Dela Roasted Turkey

1 Pound$7.98


29 oz. Rotisserie Chicken$4.98
8-Piece Fried Chicken$6.98
Single Plate Meal (Includes: 1 Entree & 1 Side)$3.98

Effortless Meals

Rotisserie Chicken Meal$9.40
Rotisserie Chicken (29 oz.) * 2 lb. Side-Choose one: Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw * 2 Liter Coca-Cola product
3 Kinds Of Delicious (Pick 3 Bucket)$12.89
Landshire Sandwiches (Assorted Varieties)$1.78

Food Categories

In the Walmart Deli, you can shop according to several categories:

  • Party Trays – Preparing for a big party is no longer as daunting with the Walmart Deli, because you can find a selection of crowd-pleasing deli platters and hot appetizers that will suit all of your needs.

    You don’t have to think about how to best mix your crackers, mixed meets, cheese, and fresh vegetables because Walmart Deli has already done the thinking for you. You can even choose from several serving sizes, from a small of around 10 people, to a medium of 15-20 people, to a large party tray of 20-25 people.

If needed, there are some party platters that even go to as high as 30 people. To give you an idea, some party trays include the Mix & Match Sandwich Rolls platter, which gives your guests the freedom to create their own selection of rolls. A Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray on the other hand would give you several meats and cheese to play with – from turkey and ham to cheddar and Swiss cheese.

  • Sandwiches – The deli has several sandwiches that you can quickly heat up when you’re in need of a quick meal. From roast beef and turkey to chicken salad and sausage, there’s a little something for everyone.
  • Prepared Foods – Walmart Deli also gives you a selection of ready-to-eat meals that you can just pop into the oven or heat in the pan.
  • Pizza – Who says you can’t enjoy pizza at home? With Walmart Deli’s wide array of delicious pizzas, you can have your fair share of quality pizzas wherever you may be. From pre-cooked pizza crusts that give you the freedom to put whatever you want to the pre-made ones (sausage & pepperoni, ultimate meat, five cheese, supreme) you just need to pop into the oven, the choice is basically yours.
  • Cheese – No delicatessen would be complete without an amazing selection of cheeses, and this is the case for Walmart Deli as well. You get the usual cheeses like parmesan, cream cheese, Pepper Jack, cheddar and feta, but you also get specialty cheeses. For other cooking needs, Walmart Deli also offers a cheese blend powder, easy melt cheeses, cheese sauces, and cheese spreads.
  • Lunch Meats – Whether you need it for your lunch sandwich or as something to complete your cheese and crackers, Walmart Deli’s selection of meats will truly satisfy your cravings. Just take your pick from bologna, pastrami, honey ham, turkey breast, sausage, pepperoni, roast beef, salami, and every other kind of meat you might think of needing.
  • Hot dogs – Fancy meats aside, Walmart Deli also has a selection of hotdogs that people of all ages will surely love. You get the regular hotdogs but also some unusual ones like Jumbo Turkey Franks, Double Smoked Sausage, Spinach with Mozzarella Chicken sausage, and even 95% fat-free options for the health-conscious.

You also have to remember that while you can shop according to category, in each category you will find several reliable brands, and depending on your preference as well as budget, you can easily make a good decision. You can be assured though that Walmart Deli only carries the highest quality brands and products.

Popular Walmart Deli Menu Items

Exploring all the deli selections is already exciting in itself, but it’s also worth looking at the most popular items off the deli menu:

  • Veggie Bacon Strips – 100% vegetarian, what could be better than bringing home the bacon but leaving the guilt (and all the cholesterol) behind?
  • Red Skin Potato Salad – All the goodness of your childhood potato salads, ready to eat.
  • Deli Direct Braunschweiger Sausage – The premium gourmet sausage that gives you that hickory smoked, rich and creamy taste, you can get this to make pates or just take it with crackers, cheese, and other deli goodness.

For more information about Walmart Deli prices, visit their official website.

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  1. Pauline V. Petry

    What would be the price of 25 and 50 piece bucket of chicken? What is your Amish potatoe salad made of?

  2. Why does Walmart have the worst chicken tenders in the whole of restaurant chains in the U.S?? Tenders are supposed to be tender not breaded to a point where the crust becomes larger than the meat inside with a hardness that leaves nimble gums bleeding. Who started this recipe??????? So awful.

  3. Their chicken tenders are always surprisingly good. No one ever guesses they’re from walmart. Maybe you got a bad batch.

  4. What would the cost be for 60 fried chicken breast? We are having a family reunion and want to make the food preparation as simple as possible.

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