Albertsons Bakery Prices

Albertsons Bakery is part of Albertsons LLC, a large supermarket chain that is spread out across the United States. Albertsons LLC acquired Safeway and is now second to Kroger’s. There are now 2,400 Albertsons outlets in total. The Albertsons Bakery is found in every outlet and has been baking fresh goods since 1939.

Delicious baked goods that are available in Albertsons Bakery include chocolate chip cookies, breads and rolls, cakes and pies. The freshly baked chocolate chip cookies come in a purple bag, and fresh batches come in every day. The cookies are made from scratch, real butter and special chocolate chips.

Below are the latest Albertsons Bakery prices.

Cakes and Cupcakes

Snowflake Cupcakes, 10ct$10.99
Snowflake Cupcakes, 6ct$4.49
Bakery Monster Character Cake$14.99
Chocolate Fudge Floral$12.99
Chocolate Poured Floating Daisies$6.99
Floral Birthday Cake$6.99
Party Balloons 8" Round Cake$12.99
Apple Pie$3.99
Party Confetti 8" Round Cake$12.99
Party Streamers and Ribbons
Swirling Daisies$6.99
Deep Dish Fruit Pies$8.99
Deep Dish Pies, 9'$8.99
Bakery Tippin's Cream Pies, 9'$8.99

Albertsons Bakery is serious with creating baked goodness. Their French bread received good reviews from customers, and some loved waiting for the bread to be served just right out of the oven. Albertsons Bakery also sells fresh muffins and buns that are served fresh daily.

Customers can avail of pies and specialty cakes. These cakes can be personalized while shoppers wait. Albertsons cakes like Tres Leches and 12 inch message cookie are fit for all affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Albertson’s bakery close?

We’ve studied a variety of Albertsons locations, and while not every store is the same, here are the general Albertson bakery hours:

Open:  Between 5:30 and 6:00 AM
Close:  Between 11:00PM and 12:00AM

Please do keep in mind that store hours vary by location and that special holiday hours may apply.  For more information please call your local store.

Why are Albertson’s cookies so good?

Albertson’s cookies are good because they are baked fresh daily, by local well training staff who take pride in offering the best product possible.  In addition, the bakers use top quality ingredients which is the top reason why Albertson’s cookies are so popular!

For more information on Albertsons Bakery, visit their official site.

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