5 Ideas for Lighter, Leaner Meals from Deli Shops

While eating a deli sandwich can be the most filling and satisfying lunch you can eat especially when you are on the go, it is also unfortunately the biggest culprit in making your waistline big and heavy.

Fortunately, delis such as Kroger or Safeway, offer lighter versions of their best-selling sandwiches, you just have to ask. So the next time you are in your local deli, here is a list of five ways to make your favorites leaner, lighter, and calorie-friendly.

Lean Choices on Sandwiches

  • Choose whole-grain or wheat bread over white bread for starters and make sure to go for lean meat like turkey, grilled chicken breast, or a thinly sliced roast beef. Grilled tofu is also a great alternative for vegetarians.
  • Pile on vegetables, either grilled or fresh, and choose mustard and vinaigrette over mayo dressings.
  • Control the portion by cutting a big sandwich in half as this will yield lower calories.

Lighter Dressing on Salads

  • While salads in deli shops are considered fresh and healthy, the dressing may be another story such as ranch, Thousand Island, and cheesy goodness. It wouldn’t hurt if you stick with eating an all-veggie salad so skip on the dressing or better yet, try a vinaigrette next time.
  • Pick leafy greens as base and pile on the goodness with fresh vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber.
  • Substitute oil and mayo with avocado for a creamy, delicious ending.

Check out Broth-Based SoupsCheck out Broth-Based Soups- DeliMenuPrices.com

  • Chicken, beef, vegetable and barley stock gives out about 160 calories per cup which is a tad lighter than cream-based concoction such as clam chowder, which can give as high as 245 calories per cup.
  • Pick light choices such as turkey broth, wild rice soup or egg drop.
  • Delis serve soup in different cups so be sure to get the smallest dish for lesser calories.

Cheese, Crackers, Drinks

  • Reduced or fat-free cheeses or fresh veggies are best paired with light crackers. Go for spreads that give out less calories such as hummus, olives, baby peppers, and hard boiled eggs.
  • Choose to down your meal with water instead of high-caloric fruit juices such as orange juice and lemonade.
  • Stay away from carbonated soda as much as you can and if you want flavor in your drink, go for unsweetened tea with a lemon wedge.

Versatile Fruit Plate

  • Ask for fresh fruits instead of the fried and oily side dishes.
  • Skip the sweet dips that come with the fruit plate as the natural flavors of the sliced fruits are good enough for flavor.
  • Go crazy with a large plate to satisfy your hunger pangs or get a smaller plate for dessert as it’s never a bad idea to get something sweet after a tasty meal.