Best Deli Sandwich Recipes Ever

Being fit and keeping up with your cravings is one difficult task indeed. Trying to keep up with a strict calorie count and a regimen that demands low salt, and sugar that is close to nothing – it’s not easy, and honestly, gets boring. Added to the fact that working out takes a lot of energy from you, and it’s necessary to regain energy and strengthen muscles with protein. Your nutritional requirement will definitely need some attention.

Turn up your meals with sandwiches that are great and tasty, at the same time figure fitting. Many have turned the other cheek when it comes to lunch meat, and have discovered new ways to keep healthy. You can do the same too, and include these sandwiches to your meals.

Focaccia Reubens is a twist of corned beef, cabbage, sugar and salt. With the crunch of focaccia bread and shredded cabbage, taste the mixture of sourness and sweetness of vinegar and sugar combining with corned beef. It’s a different take on the corned beef on rye, without the loaded calories.

Sauerkrat and apples-

Feeling like eating a turkey sandwich but tired of the boring turkey with mayo? Why not try a turkey pastrami sandwich and combine it with sauerkraut and apples? Make sure that the sauerkraut is put in the middle of two Swiss cheese slices. This will stop the bread from becoming soggy. The sweetness and crunchiness of the apples and the slight sour flavor of the sauerkraut makes the turkey pastrami more scrumptious. This concoction moistens the otherwise dry feel of turkey.

If you are looking for something less adventurous, chicken breast salad sandwich is a great option. Chicken breast is great with Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and tomatoes. Add a little chopped celery to add a crunch to the salad, and put in between lettuce and bread.

Fill up your craving for something spicy without engorging yourself. Do this by spreading spicy cream cheese on a tortilla, adding slices of pepper, lettuce, and avocado and turkey meat. Your tortilla wrap becomes a sweet and spicy combination. The experience of eating this sandwich gets better if you add a few slices of jalapeno.

Tuna melts are still a top seller among sandwich fans because this famous sandwich is just delicious with melted cheese and mayonnaise. Don’t go easy on the lettuce. If the tuna melt taste is getting old for you, try the open tuna melt sandwich where melted cheese is oozing on top of tomatoes and tuna on bread. This is great with salad on the side.

A fried egg sandwich is bland and less exciting if you don’t put pancetta chips on it. Try this with baguettes and a little unsalted butter and a few slices of avocado. Put the baguettes on a griddle, and once toasted, crack an egg on it. Then top it with pancetta and a teaspoon of sriracha. This sandwich with salad on the side is great at any time of the day.

Can’t get enough of turkey meat? Why not try a turkey and tomato panini? Spread cream cheese on the panini and place the tomatoes, basil and turkey in between. Have the delightful juiciness of tomatoes and turkey, at the same time the fullness of cream cheese.

Feeling like going naked on your bread? Generous slices of habanero cheese and a drizzle of roast beef strips make this grilled cheese sandwich a little more exciting. Place the sandwich on a barbecue grill and let the smoky flavor envelope your tastes at every bite.

Pastrami deli wraps are also a must- eat. With only 2 slices of pastrami, spinach tortilla, cucumber, pepper, onion, and cream cheese, fill yourself up with delightful and light saltiness of salami and the refreshing crunch of cucumber. The presence of onion in this sandwich adds to the spiciness of the whole wrap.

While in the subject of wraps, you can also try chicken breast and cranberry as a juicy and sweet combination. Cranberries are superb with the chicken, and adds a fruity accent to the sandwich.

Places like Kroger and Whole Foods are best places to pick out cold cuts, deli meat and other ingredients to make your sandwiches more fun to eat. When shopping, make sure that the meat you choose is fresh and lean, at the same time just right to last you three days or so.

Always keep in mind that sandwiches are necessary in any health plan but anytime you need a nice desert check out Kroger Bakery or Publix Bakery. The good thing about sandwiches is they keep the calorie count low, and makes the weight watching less stressful. Be in the loop with top recipes for sandwiches and make the dieting a more pleasant journey.