Bread 101: Know the Type of Bread You Want

Bread is known to be one of the first foods ever prepared by man. Publix or Kroger Bakery carry a wide range of assortment of breads to fit your preference. Whether out of necessity or as a sign of progress, it remains a staple food up to this day. But do you know that there are more than a hundred different types of breads available in the market today? To give you an idea, here are some notable bread types for you to remember.

Popular Breads

We always hear this type of bread. We hear them sometimes in the movies, sometimes in our neighborhood. Baguette and Brioche come from France. Your favorite chewy ring-shaped bagel comes from Eastern Europe. Ciabatta and Foccacia comes from Italy making them great partners for pasta dishes. Chapatti which comes from Asia is often eaten with soup-y dishes. Tortilla, well, who does not know what it is and where it comes from?

British Breads

The Brits and their breads can make the world go round. From barrel to bara brith, batch, bloomer, buttery Rowies, cob, coburg, Cornish splits, cottage, stottie, sliced wrapped, farmhouse and plait, every city and town seems to have a trademark bread of their own. More popular items such as rolls, sandwich, soda bread and tin, however, are also as famous as the abovementioned bread types.

Unique Breads

Balep Korkun from Tibet-

If you are a world traveler, you might have encountered Balep Korkun from Tibet, Bazlama of Turkey, Serbia’s Cesnica, Australian Damper, China’s very own steamed bun Mantou, Japan’s Melanpan, Pane Ticinese of the Swiss, and Vanocka from Czech and Slovakia. Unique as they may sound, each of these types of bread is quite popular where they come from.

Indeed, this list is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different types of bread. Nevertheless, only one fact remains and that is, bread is the common food among the rich and the poor, and people from all walks of life.