Delightful Deli Take-outs in Austin, Texas

Texas has so much to offer, from mouthwatering steak to yummy seafood to deli sandwiches to go.  In this state, it is not difficult to find performance artists and certified food craft experts, who bake home-made breads, create delicious spreads, or cure luscious meats. Their creations are truly delightful sandwiches that can overwhelm the senses.

Zagat, a food-guide organization and restaurant rater (among many others), has listed the best deli sandwiches one can discover in the capital of Texas.

House Banh Mi

This specially-made banh mi can be bought at Elizabeth Street Café. It is a Vietnamese food that has been raised high by Chef Larry McGuire. As a café specialty, it boasts of various delectable ingredients, such as daikon, carrot, cilantro, jalapeño, pork pâté, roasted pork, homemade mayo, cucumber, sambal, and liver mousse on freshly baked baguette.


Austin Daily Press is a mecca of special sandwiches that they’re all equally wonderful. Some of the what you can order include Sir Anthony, which has poached apple and potato, smoked hazelnuts, and braised lamb shoulder; The Frank Reynolds, which has carrot-juniper aioli, arugula, caramelized fennel, and braised pork belly; and The Humpty Dumpty, which has sriracha and herbs, beets, pickled green tomatoes, and fried marinated eggplant.

Tipsy Texan

Aside from making excellent barbeque, Franklin Barbecue creates enormous meals with fresh-baked buns, containing sausage, chopped brisket, pickles, and crunchy purple coleslaw.


FoodHeads is popular for it’s the interesting flavors of their food combinations, as well as the high-quality ingredients they use in their meals. Lami, for example, is made of toasted multigrain bread, fresh mozzarella, grilled salami, fresh vegetables, and blackberry-balsamic vinaigrette.

Puccia Classica

A winner from Lucky’s Puccias, Puccia Classica is made of wood-fired bread and organic ingredients like mozzarella, prosciutto, mixed greens, tomato, smoked ham, fontina, onion, homemade mayo, and basil oil.

Pesto Chicken Salad

Fricano’s Deli is what you can call a pillar of original Italian deli restaurants in the city. They offer huge sandwiches that never fail to delight each and every customer. Their Wednesday special includes homemade pesto, chicken salad, Paul’s Reuben, and Italian club.

If you live far from Austin, never worry, since Safeway deli should be just around your area. You can order freshly made, equally delicious deli sandwiches that would be perfect for breakfast, snack, or lunch.