Get in the Loop! Hippest Sandwiches of 2015 Revealed

Sandwiches now are getting more popular. It’s actually so popular that restaurants serve it all day long. Getting a sandwich to go and eating it while working is a good way to save time, not to mention ultra-healthy.

Many restaurant critics have shoved sandwiches of many kinds across America, but only a few make it to the top notch level. Here are the sandwiches that received two thumbs up, and have been acclaimed by a lot of customers as well.


From Boomwich, a new hero shop in Brooklyn, arose the Reubenese. It’s a split pretzel with pastrami, mozzarella and very mild sauerkraut. The pretzel is specially made soft and flavorful, while the mozzarella cheese makes the whole sandwich creamy. The smoky pastrami flavor blends well with a little sourness from sauerkraut.

Spicy Chicken Tamales Sandwich

This is a unique invention below the M train station at Bushwick and full of greasy goodness. The guys in the Tamale Cart have put chicken breast, tomatoes and two tamales in between a toasted bun. The result is a delicious and lean snack that explodes in your mouth.

Roasted Brisket Sandwich

At East Houston Street, Katz Deli is serving delicious and simple roasted brisket sandwiches all day every day. This sandwich is slices of roasted brisket between two slices of white bread. The brisket is juicy and pink in the inside, spice rubbed and roasted perfectly. The sandwich is already perfect as it is that it does not need any condiment to go with it.

PO’ Boy Sandwich

This is a variation of the New Orleans classic sandwich. This version, specially made by the Orleans PO Boys at Myrtle Street, sticks to the age-old formula of French bread that is cut in half and stuffed with roast beef, tomatoes and onions French fries and gravy.

The French bread makes this sandwich unique because of its crispy outside and fluffy inside. You can also choose a PO’ Boy with fried shrimp or roast chicken.

Egg Shop BEC

Egg Shop

This is a good breakfast sandwich on any nice day in New York City. The Egg Shop brings a whole new definition when it comes to egg and bacon by putting cage-free egg, a slice of cheddar, and two strips of bacon with a thick coating of tomato relish. The bun’s crust is sprinkled with sea salt is just right to sum up this delicious combo.

Fried Bologna Sandwich

This sandwich is a no frills sandwich and lets the flavor speak for itself. The fried bologna is garlicky and spicy and is tempered by the soft hamburger bun. No other sandwich complements a light potato salad than this one.

Invented at Brooklyn, New York, this sandwich is sublime by itself without the bells and whistles.

Vegetarian Hero

This is an offbeat creation of from a restaurant which is famously in love with meat. The kitchen of Meat Hook Sandwich in Brooklyn served a Vegetarian Hero with pickled vegetables, lettuce, and carrots and crunchy cucumber in a soft bun.

Cuban Sandwich

Their version of the Cubanos in this restaurant in Broadway is made of yummy flatbread, pernil, boiled ham, cheese and dill pickles. This delicious pressed sandwich is found at Mambi, which is Dominican owned.

This authentic Latin American sandwich is voted to be the best in the country.

Espagnol Doble

Roughly translated, this sandwich means “Spanish double”. Maybe because the flavors of this sandwich is double the amount of goodness and Spanish richness. Two soft buns squeeze in refried beans, fried egg, ham, fried cheese, frankfurter, potatoes, bacon, more cheese, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and avocados.

Vegetarian Sandwich by Casablanca Grill

This is specially made by Casablanca Grill, a Moroccan restaurant that used pickled vegetables, cheese and falafel and combined in a pita wrap. This is a sandwich that has more flavor and infuses flavor in what is usually a bland sandwich. The vegetables are pickled North African style.

North African style of making pickled vegetables is by blending white wine vinegar, Harissa, lemon and spices. The sour taste of the vegetables is usually complemented by nuts and other crunchy vegetables like carrots and cucumber.


This is one delicious fish sandwich. In Harlem, catfish fillets are made and fried with a batter loaded with peppers and cornmeal. It is layered with fillets that are layered high and is great with hot sauce and tartar sauce.

Tortilla de Doble Capa

It’s a double layer of tortilla (the egg omelet), spinach and leeks, and widely applauded by a lot of customers. It’s a creative twist from the ordinary egg sandwich and there are just so much spinach and leeks, the filling will just ooze out as you bite.

These delicious sandwiches are the most delicious, so far. And based on people’s reviews, customers are still raving about it. Quality sandwiches are, of course, sourced from the best places such as Whole Foods or Walmart.

Make it a point to have your next sandwich snack as scrumptious as these ones and create a successful sandwich meal.