The 9 Greatest Jewish Sandwiches

Jewish sandwiches have been around since 1887. This is the year when Katz’ Delicatessen made the first pastrami sandwich and today, this sandwich has become the quintessential sandwich for everybody in America.

Sandwiches started humbly in the United States and whether Jewish or not, everybody has been clamoring for these Jewish delights. And in the last 125 years, the Jewish sandwich has evolved so many times.

Throughout history, people’s tastes have also developed greatly. The amazing part about these Jewish sandwiches is that they can still please a lot of diners till today. Some of the sandwiches carry a lot of history in their recipes, and cooking traditions that have been passed from one generation to the next.

At present, these best Jewish sandwiches are gaining popularity and are reaching out to more customers of all denominations. Here are the top 9 based on votes of several food critics and sandwich experts.

 Brooklyn Beauty

This is a sandwich that stacks smoked kippered salmon, cream cheese, apple horseradish and pickled herring n between light rye bread or pumpernickel bread. Many food critics applaud this sandwich for the flavor. The combination of saltiness, sweetness and a little sourness to balance the fish is amazing.

Smoked Meat SandwichThe 9 Greatest Jewish

This sandwich is widely praised because this meat is smoked with oak wood, and has similar flavors with a pastrami. The center is seasoned with cloves, fennel, peppercorns, and coriander seeds. Two pieces of dark rye bread are spread with mustard, and put the very flavorful meat in between.

Pastrami Sandwich from Katz

This is the same spot where the first pastrami sandwich was named. This is a critically acclaimed sandwich for its history and the sandwich is still made the same way it was over a century ago.

People are not only getting a piece of history, they are getting the delightful taste of pepper and garlic, melting in rye bread.

 The Great Bambergwich

This is another critic’s choice. Not only is it healthy, but the breaded chicken breast is seasoned with parsley and panko. The chicken wonderfully combines with pickled daikon, cucumber, shallots, caramelized onion and ginger. They are put in between a soft sliced pretzel lathered with Dijon mustard.

Champagne Supernova

It’s named after the epic song of Oasis. This sandwich is truly an epic piece because it’s huge and the thin slices of nova are piled with cream cheese, tomato and onions. This is a sandwich that was first served in 1923 in Philadelphia.

Corned Beef Explosion

This is a sammie that has a high stack of hand sliced corned beef. This is a sandwich born in Chicago and the beef is the best and comes from Chicago’s Vienna Beef. This giant corned beef sandwich is put on heavy rye and is definitely a gastronomical challenge.

Hanukah Bombshell

Instead of rye bread, this sandwich has two thin and crispy potato pancakes and in between is a choice of corned beef or pastrami. The Russian dressing and Swiss cheese makes this meat sandwich a big and rich load to take in, but restaurant critics are favoring this sandwich and gave it high marks for full flavor.

The Trifecta

It’s a trifecta because this sandwich represents the three Jewish favorite meats of all time. These are corned beef, pastrami and kosher salami. This sandwich is so delicious because of Muenster cheese, house-made coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing on a French roll, properly placed together.

The sandwich is creamy, buttery and tasty and many food critics like this sandwich from San Francisco.

Desert Island

The most famous portion of the Desert Island sandwich is the tender pastrami. Critics voted this as one of the best sandwiches because they love the tender deli meat, and are steamed and hand cut. The pastrami is sliced thickly and put between toasted rye bread.

It’s classic and simple, and the flavor of the tender pastrami is mouth filling and satisfying.

Most of these sandwiches and their deli meats can be sourced from Walmart or Albertsons. Whether you are starting to produce a great Jewish sandwich yourself, or buying one to take to work, make sure that you purchase the ingredients to achieve the feeling like the ones drawn by the best.