The Healthiest Deli Meat to Keep Off the Extra Bulge

Dieters often munch on a deli meat sandwich instead of a full meal when on a diet. Many of these people are under the impression that a sandwich with just a sliver of meat will mean less calories coming into the body. But Kroger Deli chefs specifically mentioned that not all deli meats are created equally. Here’s a quick look at how it should be weighed to guarantee keeping up with the weight loss track.

Calorie Count -
Calorie Count

When losing weight, it is not only enough that you suppress hunger, you need to check the amount of calories going into your body, too. Deli meat sandwich being a constant favorite has a variety of choices being offered on a regular basis. In the said lot, turkey breast has the lowest calorie count at 22 calories per 1-ounce slice. Chicken breast is at 29 calories, pastrami at 41 calories, and ham at 46. If you are wise, ditch bologna (87 calories) and salami (119 calories) the next time you order one.

Fat Content

Another consideration is the fat content. Again, turkey breast comes as a winner followed by chicken breast with pastrami and ham coming close at third and fourth base, respectively. Still, when it comes to saturated fat (the deadly fat), ditch bologna and salami.

Sodium Content

Sodium is part and parcel of deli meats. The key is to eat in moderation and limit to no more than 2-3 slices per day. As a whole, turkey breast still comes with the least amount of sodium while salami comes with the highest count.

Nutritional Value

Indeed, deli meat is a good source of protein, zinc and potassium. One to two slices on your sandwich can provide you with enough supply of energy when on a diet. If possible, Kroger Deli recommends that you may look for options that are low in fat, sodium content and calories to reduce risks and optimize positive results.