Top 5 Wines to Match Your Deli Experience

What could be finer than pairing your deli sandwich with a seductive glass of wine? If you’re already contemplating on lunching with delicatessen, complete the experience by picking the perfect bottle of red. This way, you can turn a simple lunch into a sumptuous meal.

Imagine eating roast beef wrapped in ham, provolone laden oven-gold turkey, salami, sautéed red onion, lettuce and tomato on toasted white bread. There could be nothing more gratifying than washing it down with a lush red. To satisfy this craving, you can go to a wine and deli bar, or you can purchase all these from Walmart. They have a deli section and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages on their shelves.

What are the best wines in the market?

Quinta Do Vale Meão’s 2011 Douro

This beauty is a combination of the following grapes from Portugal: Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional, and Tinta Roriz, which are all obtained from vines that are planted in single-variety blocks. Both traditional and modern techniques are applied in Douro’s creation.

Dow’s 2011 Vintage Porto

The 2011 Vintage Porto garnered 95 points on the 100-point scale of Wine Spectator. Some vintners have declared it to be the best vintage in the past half century. The height of quality of fresh, fruity, and balanced Vintage Porto was a result of a perfect grape-growing season. It is not too sweet, and provides a lot of grip, which is essential for a long bottle life.

Leeuwin’s Chardonnay Margaret River Art Series 2011

Founded in 1974, the company is a consistent high scorer in the classic range. The estate vines and winery regularly produces products with complex and ripe flavors, though the 2011 was crafted with a more delicate style. The outcome was the generous flavors combined with the taste of tropical fruits.

Prats & Symington’s Douro Chryseia 2011

The Douro Chryseia is a solid and elegant red. It is potent and pure, with indications of luxuriance to the concentrated raspberry, dark currant, and plum flavors. This is filled with grippy tannins and black olive that elicits a spicy and white paper characteristic.

Mollydooker’s Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love 2012

This crowd-favorite, house-style wine was crafted by Mollydooker’s founders, Sarah and Sparky Marquis. It highlights bold flavors, fruity characteristics, and plush texture. This is made from assorted barrels of high-quality Shiraz grapes from Gateway Vineyard.