What Health-Conscious Individuals Should Order in a Deli Shop

A healthier option for people who are tired of eating in fast food chains are deli shops. Here, not everything is fried and drenched in oil. They’re very accessible as well; you can find a deli in every corner.

However, even with deli food, there are still a few things to consider and a better selection has to be made when choosing what to order. Processed meats from Deli shops such as Publix or Kroger, although healthier than oil-drenched menu items offered in most fast food chains, can still contain high amounts of calories. So choose your order wisely.

Muscle Sandwich

Sandwiches are very popular even amongst grab-and-go meals, especially in delis. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed that each deli have their sandwich version that’s exclusive to their shop. The one thing that racks up the calories on a sandwich is mayonnaise, which is mainly made from egg whites and oil.

One tablespoon is estimated to be around 60 calories. If you can, ask the counter to put just a hint of mayonnaise on your sandwich. This should knock off a good portion of calories from your meal.

Another thing to bear in mind for health-conscious individuals is the amount of food to take in. As a rule of the thumb to go by, one should only eat as much food as the size of his/her palm. If a larger sandwich was ordered, it can easily be set aside for later consumption. It is suggested that the healthy-conscious stick to this rough approximation of food intake.

Another helpful tip is to find a deli that allows for a selection of whatever meat you can put on a sandwich. This will make sure you know what goes into your food and how much of it is in there. A good starting point would be whole-grain bread and a selection of lean meat; skinless chicken breast and turkey just to name a few.

It is also preferable to choose roasted meat over fried or steamed ones. A healthier option would be going for tofu, although it’s not for everyone’s palate. Add in some mustard, a little mayonnaise, vinegar, maybe, veggies, low-fat cheese and you’re good to go. In total, you’re looking for less than 200 calories in a good and healthy sandwich.


Soups- DeliMenuPrices.com

You can find a wide array of soups in delis, however, a lot of people do not really find or know how to spot the healthy ones. Most soups in delis are creamy; potato chowders for instance, are filled with fat and calories.

Per serving, it packs up more calories than a sandwich, 245 as opposed to the sandwich’s 200. The healthier option would be broth-based ones; would normally contain veggies, soy sauce and poultry as meat its meat-base. Per serving, the broth-based alternative will only be 160 calories. Truly a healthier option.

Fruits and Salads

Fruits and salads, as always, will be the healthiest options in any selection of food choices. For fruits, you can just eat them fresh or be more creative and have dips for them. You can never go wrong with fruits, no matter the serving amount. Salads contain the least amount of calories, being mostly veggies.

The wonderful thing about it is you really don’t have to watch out for the amount of food you consume. The only real calorie source in it is the ranch dressing. Tomato, spinach, avocado, lettuce and a lot of other green and leafy veggies can go with your salad. Chicken or other poultry is often used as a meat base.