What to Look For When Buying Bread

Freshly baked healthy bread is a wonder-rific staple on every table. But finding fresh bread may not always be possible. Fresh bread can always be found at Bakeries such as Kroger or Publix. If your only option is grocery store bread here are some tips to help you find quality bread:

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Choose 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Do not settle for anything else and don’t look at the front of the package, too. By law, the list of ingredients at the back should be in descending order as to how much they weigh in the bread itself. Always check the first ingredient listed. If it’s 100% whole wheat flour, then that should be it. Beware of dubious terms such as “enriched” or “multi-grain.” Some of that is just the manufacturer’s way of saying their bread is made from refined white flour with a little hint of wheat. If you want healthy bread then look for a 100% whole wheat flour ingredient.

Less Sodium, the Better

All breads have sodium content as this controls yeast activity. Sodium also adds zest to the bread. If you want to stick to a healthy diet regimen and without troubling your kidneys for that matter, look for a loaf that bears a 200mg (or less) sodium per slice. Take note: slice not servings. You will be munching at least 2 or 3 slices each day which, when added, can total to 600mg, a third of your daily limit. So, imagine if you eat 5 or more.

Serving Size Matters

If you’re a health buff, there is a big chance of you hearing a lot about serving sizes. Check the label carefully as one serving might mean two slices of bread. In other brands, ounce is used as the unit of measurement for bread. Keep in mind that an ounce is equal to 1 regular sized slice.

 Light – Not!

Like softdrinks and soda, this is the manufacturer’s way of luring health buffs to buy their bread. Do not be deceived. Light or diet may only mean a smaller serving size and some extra fiber. Again, it is best to check the back label for the ingredients to find the healthiest bread for your body.