10 Bread Brands That Cut the Bulge

Are you trying to lose weight? For people who are trying to lose or simply maintain their weight, ditching bread may be placed on top of the list. Bread is often misconstrued as a top source of bulges because of its carbohydrates. It is in fact by choosing the right bread for your diet that you enjoy few calories and more fiber. This, in turn, will lead to dropped pounds. So, if you are looking for top brands renowned in the market that aids in weight loss, here is a complete list.

1.    Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Rich in fiber from barley that suppresses hunger, this bread will help keep calories at bay. Simply toast a slice, add some peanut butter, and voila – a nutritious breakfast sans the calories.

2.    Thomas’ Light English Muffins. High in fiber and low in calorie, these muffins are so tasty.

3.    Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat Bagels. Think heart-healthy, protein for weight loss and thiamin that converts carbs to energy– that’s this whole wheat bagel will bring to you.

4.    Glutino Seeded Bread. Gluten-free sensation jampacked with vitamins and minerals, this one is also god for the heart.

5.    Nature’s Own Wheat Bread. Protein and inulin-enriched, this bread proves to give at least 40% of your recommended dietary requirements.

6.    Alexia Whole Grain Rolls. Tasty and super-low in calorie, this whole grain variety is truly flavorful.Alexia Whole Grain Rolls- DeliMenuPrices.com

7.    Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas. Loaded with soybean and hydrogenated oil, fiber-rich tortillas also taste heavenly minus the fat.

8.    Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain. Fructose corn syrup free, this bread comes with 16% niacin and 25% fiber.

9.    Arnold Sandwich Thins. From its word—thin, ‘nuff said.

10.  Martin’s Whole Wheat Potato Rolls. Whole-wheat bread can be hard to find. Nevertheless, this one will help maintain your hard-earned muscles.

There is more bread brands out there that can help consumers lose or maintain their weight. Find one that suits at Kroger or Whole Foods, your taste as well as your dietary recommendation. If you want it healthy, always choose 100% whole grain.