Bread and Weight Control – What You Should Know

For years, dietary specialists repeatedly assert that bread makes people fat. Whole grain or not, bread can cause one’s midsection to bulge. This, however, is contradictory to how we are taught in schools where the idea of a balanced diet includes bread. So, what and how does bread work in your body that makes it a danger?

Understanding Metabolism

Knowing how protein, fat and carbohydrates affect your body is the key to understanding. Bread is made of wheat that delivers complex carbohydrates, protein and a slew of micronutrients to the body. This is healthy when eaten according to serving size vis-à-vis a person’s BMI but, in real time, bread does not easily sate one’s hunger. This makes the tendency to eat more hence, leaving the body not to use up stored fats as fuel. It becomes reliant to the fuel given out by the carbohydrates and protein in bread. If you want to lose weight, eating “healthy” fats from fruits, vegetables and meat is a much better idea than eating bread. Not only will these food groups maintain healthy level of blood sugar, it can also satiate your hunger pretty fast.

The Fatty in Bread

So, how does bread fall on the fatty list? Well, the carbohydrates in bread are good quick-energy source but it can easily spike one’s insulin levels. A spike in your insulin, a hormone that controls glucose in your body, will mean an increase in blood sugar level as well as in adipose fat cells and fatty deposits. Eating more bread which is high in carbohydrates will mean prevention of stored body fat from being used. The more you eat, the faster you develop bulges around the waist, hips and everywhere else. This, however, can be alleviated if you keep on sweating out.

The Low in Carbs-
The Low in Carbs

Bread sold nowadays contain processed ingredients that could wreck havoc to your body. Unless it is made of 100% whole grain and eaten according to serving size, it brings nothing but disaster. Over-consumption of such will only link you to a number of health scare. If you want a good source of carbs, choose fibrous fruits and vegetable as these slow down digestion of complex carbohydrates thereby minimizing over-storage of fats. Walmart Bakery has an abundance of whole grain bread!

What to Do

If you are trying to lose weight but still want to eat bread, go for 100% bread and always take note of the serving size. Understandably, a balanced meal also means ingesting healthy fats into your routine. With your blood sugar levels in check coupled with an active regimen to help utilize stored fats, you can simply breeze into your ideal body weight in no time.