7 Sumptuous Deli Sandwiches

If you’re at Safeway and suddenly feel the urge to eat some deli sandwiches, why not try some classics that are not only delicious but easy to prepare as well? Even if you’re not a culinary expert, these won’t take a long time to prepare and should satisfy your cravings.

Focaccia Reubens

There are many ways to prepare this classic dish, but why not give it a makeover and add some mayonnaise, ketchup, cider vinegar and some slices of Gruyere cheese. For added flavor you can put in some thinly sliced corn beef and unsalted butter. Remember to cook at moderate heat and wait till the focaccia turns gold and crisp, and it’s ready.

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This is another all-time favorite thanks to its mix of onions, celery, black onions, tomatoes as well as almonds, minced dill, oregano, lemon juice, agave syrup and Dijon mustard. You can serve this as is or add some more greens if that’s your thing, and it also tastes great with Daiya cheese.

Turkey Pastrami Sandwich

If you’re always on the go and need something quick, just get a bread with Swiss cheese and another with pastrami, and put an apple and sauerkraut between them for added flavor. You can slice the apple thick or thin, it’s up to you, but if you want to go traditional, slice thinly into five pieces.

The Eating Well Tuna Melt

The name alone gives you an idea of how tasty this is, but you’ll be happy to know that this is actually a healthy treat. All you’ll need are four slices of wheat bread, a bit of dash sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, some parsley, lemon juice, low fat mayonnaise and a couple of sliced tomatoes. For added flavor sprinkle some salt and pepper and you’re good to go.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Don’t let the simple name fool you, as this is a delicious treat that you can enjoy any time of the day and not just breakfast. Unlike other delis, egg sandwiches are very easy to prepare, but you can jazz it up by adding some green salad and some white wine. An egg sandwich can be simple and consist of just an egg with salt, pepper and butter, but for added flavor you can throw in some biscuits or baguettes as well as pancetta chips and avocado. Top it off with some olive oil and siracha and you got a masterpiece.

Turkey and Tomato Panini

This tasty treat is all about the Parmesan and the basil that adds flavor to the turkey, but you can add other ingredients like non-fat yogurt, mayonnaise, and tomato and lemon juice to give it additional flavor.

Grilled Hanabero Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

As the name suggests this sandwich is grilled with hanabero cheese. There are a lot of ingredients you can add here, but the hanabero cheese is a must, and it will taste even better with block Monterey Jack cheese and some butter. Don’t forget to use Italian bread for best results.