U2 Frontman Bono Leaves a Huge Tip at LA Deli

Bella Haig has been working at Canter’s Deli in West Hollywood for more than 50 years, but she had never received a tip like she did last Friday when U2 singer Bono left her with a $150 tip. The Irish rock legend came over to Canter’s Deli 3:00 AM Friday and clearly liked the service, not surprising since Haig recommended them.

Haig, 80 said she was “surprised” at how much the tip was, adding, “Wow, I lucked out” and that she was “thrilled”. Haig has been serving customers at the diner since 1965, and it’s very popular with the locals who know it as well as Walmart.

In an interview with the local CBS news affiliate, Haig said Bono came over and asked her for any appetizer suggestions. Haig recalled that the man, whom she didn’t recognize was Bono, “didn’t look Jewish”, but decided to get him a Matzah ball soup with carrots, chicken and noodles. After serving the meal, Bono ate it all up and asked if she would recommend another. Haig then recommended the Reuben sandwich with its onion rings and fries.

Bono ate the sandwich as well, and it was at this point that Haig was told by her co-workers she was serving Bono, the lead singer of U2 and one of the biggest rock stars of all time. As it turns out, U2 was in LA for a five night concert. He apparently wanted to find some good food along the way and decided to drop by Canter’s, and as it turned out it was a good choice.

Haig said Bono 2

Haig says she was “happy to serve Bono” and that “he looks better” in person compared to how he looks when performing on stage. But while she was thrilled to serve the famous rock star, it’s not the first time she’s served a celebrity. In her 50 years of working in Canter’s, she has served the members of the rock band Van Halen as well as Rodney Dangerfield, Anna Nicole Smith, actor Paul Newman and the late Rock Hudson. Given its location and the menu, it’s not surprising that celebs have taken a liking to it.

The deli has also famously served Guns N’s Roses, pop star Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and US President Barrack Obama. However, none of these personalities or celebs have tipped in the amount that Bono did, a fact that isn’t lost to Haig or her coworkers. For this reason, it’s understandable why Bono’s visit has proven more memorable to her than any other.

Bono’s meal by the way, cost just $20, so his tip was about 750% of the bill. Asked what she did with the money, Haig said she spent it on a family dinner, and her experience was definitely part of the dinner table conversation.

But it wasn’t just memorable to her as it was memorable to Bono too, because during U2’s concert the following Saturday night, Bono mentioned it, meaning the meal and service left a lasting impression on his mind.

Furthermore, next time when you visit your favorite deli place like Safeway Deli or Albertsons Deli, think about Bonon’s 750% generous tip which was way more than his actual meal.