8 Totally Insane Sandwiches

Sandwich chefs will not give up at anything. The perfect sandwich is always being produced, and a newer version is done at every season. But some sandwich chefs decided that they want to take their specialties to the next level.

Call it wild, but sandwich chefs are trying to deliver a breakthrough when it comes to sandwich recipes, and people are coming back for more. Many clients are calling for much pleasure on these new sandwich concepts, and chefs will still be coming up with something even more demented.

The Luther Burger

As if burgers are not enough to get a calorie killing, this sandwich brings on more fat. This sandwich is a glazed donut that is cut in half, and presses a big beef burger and three strips of bacon in between. It’s definitely a sandwich that will weigh in about 1000 or more calories in total but gives a sweet twist to an ordinary burger and bacon duo.

luther-burger - delimenuprices.com

The Lasandwich

The Lasandwich is lasagna put in a sandwich. These are four pieces of sliced white bread that has ground meat, tomato sauce and cheese in between. The sandwich wants to bring the Italian flavor of pasta and make it a quick snack too, so you can have a pasta and bread all at the same time.

The crazy part of this sandwich is its size. Four slices of bread seem like a huge load, not to mention the mozzarella and lasagna noodles inside it.

The McDonald Sandwich

There are many reasons why this sandwich is out of the ordinary. First, it’s voted as the most expensive sandwich by the people of Selfridges because it’s £85 per piece. Second, it’s made of two sliced of whole bread, Wagyu beef, fresh lobe foie Gras, black truffle mayonnaise, Brie de Meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard and English plum tomatoes.

This is a creation of Scott McDonald and surely the most posh sandwich yet.

The Double Down

This KFC monstrosity of a sandwich is two chicken fillet patties that squeeze in bacon and cheese in between. It’s loaded with fatty goodness without the added calories of a sesame seed bun. This is a chicken and bacon combination that is packed with flavor and spices.

The Tastykake Sandwich

In Adsum Restaurant in Philadelphia, they bring burgers to a whole new universe. The Tastykake Sandwich is made of two chocolate covered hamburger buns, a giant hamburger patty, topped with cheese and caramel sauce. It’s a desert and lunch at the same time.

The kitchen of the Adsum Restaurant wants to make a full lunch without customers spending extra for desert. However, if you have high blood sugar, you might have to spend extra for the glucose test and an insulin shot after eating this sandwich.

The Melo

Named after Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, this towering pile of salami, pastrami, bacon, and bread is a creation of the chefs at the Carnegie Deli in New York. This sandwich is so tall that it can’t possibly stand on a plate. It looks like there’s almost a pound of deli meat in this sandwich alone.

If Carmelo Anthony stands 6 feet and 8 inches, then the Melo’s high reaching heap of meat gives its name justice.

The Candwich

This is a sandwich in a can that promises freshness and keeps ingredients tasting great even after storing for a long period. It’s such a weird sandwich because not only is it packed with preservatives, it is a sandwich that is designed for people like students, construction workers and people who want to conveniently shove a snack in their lunch box.

Obviously the manufacturers of this product are doomsday preppers because they claim that this is a sandwich that good to have in the event of a calamity. These sandwiches come in flavors like peanut butter and jelly and pepperoni pizza.

The Fried Brain Sandwichbrainsandwich- delimenuprices.com

Yes, you read it right. This is a sandwich with pig’s brains fried in a deep crispy batter and shaped like a brain and put between two huge bun slices with a side of onion rings. The Fried Brain is famous in Midwestern states. This weird sandwich is preferred to be eaten with lots of mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes. Talk about eating in the flair of Night of the Living Dead.

These recipes are definitely weird, but more consumers would want to stay on the conservative side. Most people still go to delis like Walmart or Whole Foods, and although they would want to experiment, they would want to avail of the freshest and reasonably priced deli meats to have at home and at work.