No Need to Hit the Gym! You Can Lose 10 Pounds with Delicious Deli Sandwiches!

There are no two deli sandwiches which are alike. And as far as sandwiches as concerned, there are just so many of them, how do you even know which ones are the best?

One of the more famous sandwiches is the French dip. This scrumptious sandwich is packed with rare rib eye, hot and steamy, packed in a baguette. The best sandwich is that which is made with baguette that is fresh and off the bakery, slightly toasted, and that sensation that will leave the crunch to your bite, and a warm and soft texture in your palate. The French Dip is fantastic with a slice of Provolone cheese, that oozes with the saltiness of the soy sauce brewed with perfect rib-eye beef. This sandwich is best for weight conscious, with only 289 calories to its ingredient list.

The egg salad sandwich seems to fail the imagination since it’s just egg put in between two cheap bread slices. However, if the egg salad is made with parsley, mayonnaise, and finely chopped scallions, then the egg sandwich becomes perfect. This off-the-charts sandwich only has 556 calories and is perfect anytime of the day.

french dip

The Dagwood, true to its all-American origins, is huge, colorful and empowering. This is a sandwich that is usually composed of huge slabs of turkey, mayo, tomatoes and thick slabs of cheese. This is perfect too if you are to use leftovers, but is absolutely the best with turkey or chicken breast. Your diet can never go wrong with 415 calories.

Want to go meatless? Go with a Caprese. This is a simple Italian salad of basil, tomatoes and Italian dressing packed into a baguette. This all-veggie sandwich is delish with the burst of tomatoes and basil, with a slight sourness of Italian dressing. This sandwich only has 160 calories, which is perfect for your mid-day munchies.

Tired of a ham and cheese sandwich? Why not go for a Hawaiian ham and cheese slider? This slight variation of the ham and cheese is great for the weight conscious because with a little mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, onion powder and Worcestershire sauce, the bland ham and cheese sandwich becomes more delightful and exciting. This is a treat for only 450 or so calories.

Have a low-diet and fun meal with a corned beef on rye. This all deli classic is a tower of corned beef hash in two slices of rye bread. There is a slight variation with caramelized onions and sauerkraut, which gives the extra spice and sourness.

The American sub is another overpowering deli sub which is great for a cheat day, and if you want to splurge on a little protein. This is a sandwich that is towering with turkey breast shards, salami, ham, turkey, honey mustard mayonnaise, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and white American cheese. The overpowering proteins and cheeses ignite the fires in your palate and overwhelm with two kinds of cheeses that make the whole experience creamy and full. Safeway is the genius with this all powerful sub.

club sandwhich

The club sandwich is a great mystery because nobody really knows how it started. However, this layered sandwich is filled with stacks of turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. The sandwich is layered to fill a purpose of stacking up flavors with a crisp of toasted bread. It is light and genius with the combination of light saltiness from the bacon and the juiciness of tomatoes and turkey slices. The roasted turkey club is another delicious alternative.

A chicken sandwich, which is a deli staple, and delicious at Walmart, the chicken breast combo with mayo and mustard is great with fries or chips. Chunks of chicken that merge into the juicy flavors of onions, tomatoes and lettuce. This is a great way to consume a delicious at 515 calories.

Delicious deli sandwiches are a great way to consume up a hefty lunch without loading up with unnecessary fat and oil. With the proper workout, you can achieve a healthy body with a fit mindset of eating right and snacking properly. Deli sandwiches are important to keeping healthy, at the same time keeping pace in taking the proper nutrients that the body needs.

Various deli places like Schnucks even would let you make your own sandwiches, and in the right levels of flavor to your liking. Deli sandwiches are great for post-workout treats as well.

To complete your dietary requirements and avoid deprivation, deli sandwiches will help you get through the day without the hassle of food weighing and portioning. The good part about a deli sandwich is that you are ensured of quality produce, without the hassle.