A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Deli Meat

Being pregnant and always hungry (and picky) for food is a great deal and more serious than a lot of people might think.  It’s not an easy feat to provide nutrition for yourself and your growing baby, not to mention the many changes that are going on with your body.  This is why you are hungry most of the time.  And you can’t really just take yourself with whatever you can get your hands on.

As your pregnancy progresses, you need more nutrition to create more energy.  Your baby is also developing inside you, with his vital organs forming and starting to function.  The beautiful and amazing process of building your child’s life is about to begin and you carry a big responsibility to make it as smooth sailing as possible.

Until recently, many believed that deli meats were bad for pregnant women because of the risk of Listeria.  However, there are new studies that show that deli meat is safe for women, given that these meats are steamed or cooked properly.

What nutrients does pregnant women need?

What nutrients does pregnant women need-DeliMenuPrices

There is no such thing as a perfect pregnancy, but you can keep yourself as healthy as possible by keeping track of your nutrient intake.  The most significant foods that pregnant mothers should have are folic acid, calcium, protein, Vitamin D and Iron.

Deli meats are a good source of nutrients at the same time a quick way to fill that sudden pang of hunger.  Some deli meats are also low in calories and will not load you up with fat.  As a pregnant woman, you should likewise take note that even if you are encouraged to eat frequently, you should even be concerned with high cholesterol and gestational diabetes.

Protein and Vitamin D which are found in fowl, milk, cheese and meat can be obtained from turkey, chicken breast and ham.  Roast beef is also a beneficial source of protein and iron, but can hold a lot of cholesterol.

What deli meats are best for pregnant women?

When eating deli meats, you have to make sure that the meat is steaming hot when served to you, or check if the meat is well done.  As much as possible, do not eat any raw cold cut.  If you are eating from home, make sure that the meat is stored properly in a sealed container.

Turkey breast is considered one of the best deli meats for pregnant women.  This is because turkey is low in calories but rich in protein.  Turkey can even lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Deli sliced ham has 46% protein, but only has 34 calories per slice.  A simple ham sandwich has about 250 calories, which is perfect for a midday snack or while waiting at the doctor’s office.  Best to fill your ham sandwich will fresh lettuce and cucumber, which are rich in folic acid. Folic acid is very important for cell development for baby and you.

Substitute chicken breast chunks instead of bacon in your carbonara.  This makes a hearty and delicious lunch.  Two ounces of chicken breast already has 11 grams of protein and 70 calories.  Light cream is a source of calcium, which is essential for your baby’s bones and will strengthen your back muscles.

A Reuben with a small serving of baked potato on the side is also a great option for a quick meal.  Grilled pork slices with cheese are tasty and a rich source of protein and calcium.

What deli meats should you avoid?

What deli meats should you avoid-DeliMenuPrices

Not all deli meats are good for pregnant women.  The Mayo Clinic suggests that deli foods which have a high salt and nitrate content are not good for your pregnancy and it is best to stay away from them as much as possible.  These deli meats are hotdogs, sausages, and all meats which are uncooked and not preserved properly.  Eating these will lead to listeria or other forms of food poisoning.

Deli meats which are high in salt is likewise not recommended for expecting mothers. High consumption of salt can lead to heart disease, and make a pregnant woman hypertensive and give way to complications during delivery.  Hand and feet swelling can also be caused by high intake of salt, which can be inconvenient and sometimes painful.

Where can you buy quality deli meats?

To make sure that you are safe from bacteria, buy your meats from a reliable deli.  Whole Foods is the best spot to purchase organic and fresh deli meats and cheeses.  The items here are guaranteed fresh and the meats are antibiotic free. Whole Foods is the best place to shop for gluten free breads. Albertsons also offers fresh meat and bread daily, and a great place to get a quick and healthy snack.