The United States of Sandwiches

The sandwiches are superior and indeed a hit across America and round the globe. Particularly in the United States, these sandwiches and deli meats are so notable that each country takes in their own signature special recipe.

Depending on the region, various restaurants have prepared the signature state sandwiches and the top-selling meat on bread combination. These sandwiches are famous because they reflect the local flavor, and of course, all American.

Here are the top-selling sandwiches in some American states.

 Alabama-Style Chicken Sandwich With White Sauce

When it comes to white sauce, people from Alabama do it differently. Instead of using cream, their white sauce is a combination of mayonnaise, apple cider and vinegar. This white sauce is perfect with chicken breast and horseradish. This is a sandwich that was created in 1925 by Robert Gibson, and is still the state-famous sandwich today.
Navajo Taco (Arizona)

Navajo Taco is an open sandwich topped with a pile of meat, cheese, beans and lettuce. You can also have an option of putting chicken breast, cilantro and olives instead. The Navajo Taco is an original Southwestern style sandwich and will convert any discerning diner to loving this unconventional sandwich.

The French Dip (California)

This sandwich is not created in France but the sandwich is served au jus. A sandwich created in Los Angeles, roast beef is put in a French bun with its own beef sauce on the side. Diners also have an option to have roast pork, chicken, pastrami, turkey or lamb instead of beef.

Connecticut style Lobster Roll

The classic cold lobster roll that was invented in 1920s is a mixture of lobster chunks and mayonnaise. Only there is a chef in Milford, Connecticut who decided to make a lobster roll that is filled with butter and lemon and serve it with potato chips or French fries – and caused the state fall in love with lobster all over once more.

The Bobbie (Delaware)

When it comes to turkey goodness that’s moist and oozing with sauce, Delaware gets a Bobbie. It’s a sandwich full of roasted turkey, stuffing, a dollop of cranberry sauce and a smear of mayo.

 Chicken Bacon Cheddar Philly (Idaho)

A stronger contender for best chicken cheddar philly comes from Idaho. The version from Idaho is packed with shredded chicken breast, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese with oozing ranch dressing. It’s a healthier option to sliced beef and definitely a notch higher than just piles of cheese in a bun.

 Italian Beef (Illinois)

People from Illinois are fascinated with this sandwich which is packed with shredded roasted beef and pickled vegetables. Invented in Chicago, this is the icon of sandwiches here.

 The Hot Brown (Kentucky)

This is an open faced sandwich with a delicious topping of turkey, bacon, tomatoes and Mornay. Made in Louisville, Kentucky and is best served by The Brown Hotel.

 The Muffaletta (Louisiana)

This is a sandwich that is made from the ground up. The loaf is filled with an olive salad, or green olives, garlic, onion, capers, spices and red wine vinegar. Then layered with mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham and provolone cheese. The Muffaletta is as creative in taste as the French Quarter in New Orleans.

 The Nuke (Montana)

Perhaps this sandwich is called such because its size is nuclear. This is a foot high club house sandwich that has ham, roast beef, turkey, onions, tomatoes and three cheeses. And the best part of eating this sandwich is that all the flavors are guaranteed to explode in any diner’s mouth.
 Italian Sub (New Jersey)

This is not just a typical sub. The Italian sub is a sandwich that takes in cold cuts like salami, ham, turkey and bacon with tomatoes, onions, diced peppers, and bread and provolone cheese. It’s such a loaded sandwich that half a foot is still too much.

 The Polish Boy (Ohio)

It’s a sandwich that is identified with Cleaveland and so delicious that you wouldn’t mind the calories on the fried Kielbasa. The Polish Boy is a sandwich that has kielbasa served on a bun, covered in french fries, barbeque or hot sauce, and slaw.

 Chicken-Fried Steak Sandwich (Oklahoma)

It’s serious beef. It’s chicken. No, this sandwich has a sirloin steak, fried crispy chicken coating and served with lettuce, tomatoes and fries. The crispy outside keeps the sirloin steak moist and tender within.

 Roast Pork with Broccoli Rabe (Philadelphia)

It’s a turn of the classic Philly steak sandwich and better. This sandwich was invented in Philadelphia and the broccoli adds a slight tartness to the pork steak strips.

But whatever state you are in, deli meats and lean meats are available at Albertsons or Walmart. These delis offer the best sandwich ingredients and you can get any state sandwich right at the convenience of your own kitchen.