Answers to Some Deli Myths

While the ordinary deli is becoming more and more popular for people who are on the healthy fitness wagon, there has been a lot of scrutiny and inquiry on certain issues about their products.

We have outlined some of the issues that are being raised so that we can discuss their truthfulness and see if they are really worth worrying about.

Turkey is perfect

Though the healthiest meat choice is turkey or turkey breast, there is a low down to this popular fitness meal; it spoils fast.

Turkey is perfect-DeliMenuPricesSo, there will be a problem in buying too much turkey breasts for your healthy home meal plan. It’s either you will be wasting a lot of turkey and throwing all those leftovers from your fridge or, you might be caught having to over stuff yourself for fear of wastage.

The first case will involve wasting money and the latter; will defeat the purpose of your healthy eating program.

Eating your turkey sandwich or sub at Publix Deli will be your best option.

Delis Serve Unhealthy Processed Meat

Delis Serve Unhealthy Processed Meat-DeliMenuPricesNot all meats in the deli are processed. The pre-sliced and packed meats that you buy in groceries are processed and treated.

When in a deli, request for “whole cuts”. They can be in the form of whole roasted ham, turkey or pot roast. Any of these, upon the request of a “whole cut”, will be as fresh as if coming from the butcher’s table. Whole cuts are free from the preservatives that are included in their grocery packed counter parts.

Listeria Scare

Listeria Scare-DeliMenuPricesAugust of 2014, 380,000 lbs. of meat has been found to be carrying an invisible food borne bacteria called listeria.

There is no disputing that. But, it’s uncommon and not fatal. The fact is that listeria was not found exclusively in deli stores but all over. Delis, having meats as one of their prime products, will obviously be affected by listeria just as all vehicles will affected by high cost of petrol.

If such a scare bothers you then, avoid eating cold sandwiches for a while and have them cooked. Putting your sandwich in the microwave at 165 F will keep it safe from listeria.

Nitrates in Processed Red Meats

Nitrates in Processed Red Meats-DeliMenuPricesA study revealed that bologna, salami and other red meats increase heart risks and diabetes risks by 42% and 19% respectively. Then, further studies suggest that these meats are also carcinogens.

On the subject of bologna and salami being unfriendly choices for heart patients and diabetics, moderation is always key. The sun has bad effects on the skin and is the main cause of skin cancer but, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to avoid the sun altogether. It only means that you will not over expose yourself but, can still enjoy a nice day under the sun.

Anybody can enjoy a bologna or salami sandwich once in a while, but not every day. And if you do decide to treat yourself to a salami and bologna sandwich, fill it with greens.

Low Sodium Tastes Bland

Low Sodium Tastes Bland-DeliMenuPricesOnly processed foods have high sodium. Whole cuts only have one-fourth of the sodium content found in their processed counterparts. These whole cuts, though some may say are not as tasty as the processed versions, can be flavored with cheese and will still be lower in sodium than the processed bunch. And in choosing your cheese, there are low sodium cheese products that will be health friendly.

Swiss cheese is lower in sodium content by 83% than the regular American cheese. Swiss cheese also beats American cheese by 25% in calcium content.

Salads have High Calorie Oils

Salads have High Calorie Oils-DeliMenuPricesDeli salads are packed with high calorie oils and this is clearly seen in their very shiny presentations.

Well, for presentation and taste reasons, some deli salads are bathed in high calorie oils. But, every customer can opt out from the oils. They can have it splashed conservatively upon request. And, there are other green options like coleslaw without mayonnaise or a cucumber salad.

Serving Size is Under Valued

Serving Size is Under Valued-DeliMenuPricesA quarter pound serving size salad in a deli is a half-pound salad in disguise. They are squeezed into this tiny take out cups to make them look like a quarter serving but you are actually going to eat more than you really wanted.

True; but, is getting more than you paid for really that bad? Who said you have to finish it in one seating? You can even share it with a friend.

Is there such thing as perfect food?

Is there such thing as perfect food-DeliMenuPricesWell, there are no perfect foods, only food preparations that fit perfectly into one’s taste and health goals.

Some people want to get smaller. Some would like to put a little more weight. Some are diabetic while some suffer from low sugar.

Our best tool is knowledge. For as long as we know exactly what we are putting into our mouth and are responsible enough to regulate it according to our health conditions, then we can never be in danger.