TGIS: Thank God It’s Sandwich

Aside from the wheel, the best thing man has ever made are sandwiches. If the wheel has made man more mobile, anyone can argue that the sandwich has done the same. What is the best complete food that you can eat on the go? Right…sandwiches.

Food historians say that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, has popularized the idea of the sandwich. He invented it in 1762 when he was trying to figure out a way to eat a meal without interrupting a gambling game. Henceforth, people have started to call it a sandwich and have requested for it whenever they are in need of a convenient full meal.

Unlimited Choices

Unlimited Choices-DeliMenuPrices

One of the best things about sandwiches is that it allows so much room for creativity. No one can really get tired of sandwiches because there are enough combinations to create a variety that will fill a whole year’s calendar.

Visit any deli like Whole Foods Deli and you’ll find the biggest assortment of meats, veggies, breads, cheeses and seasonings to whip up the sandwich of your heart’s desire. You can imagine how Scooby Do and Shaggy pile up those sandwiches. If it was not an animation then, those scenes will most probably have been shot in a deli.

No doubt, sandwiches have remained to be man’s ultimate food invention. But, be always on the alert that you have to balance tastiness with healthiness. Piling on slabs of meat and seasoning require great responsibility. Like what Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

As much as the convenience of the sandwich has provided us more mobility, its concoction should also provide us with more years of being mobile.

Calorie Counting

Calorie Counting-DeliMenuPrices

Most delis like Publix Deli offer delightful nourishment in every plate but, you must remember that not everything on a deli’s menu is best for you. Not all entrees are low fat and low calorie. The deli will satisfy everyone, be he a massive powelifter or a slim ramp model. There are always a lot of calorie choices in every deli. The key is to pick the right one that best suits your appetite and your health condition and aspirations.

Delis have everything from sandwiches to subs be it hot or cold, a foot long or a 6-inch sub, they’ll have that.

Never fall into the assumption that everything not fried is healthy. And, never fall into the assumption that eating an enormous amount of healthy food is still healthy.

Here is a sample of the calorie content of some of the deli sandwiches.

A turkey sub will give you 280 calories. A tuna sub will give you 430 calories. A full club sub with all the delightful meats; bologna, ham and salami will give you 820 calories.

To side track a bit, it is worthy to know, that a small cup of ice cream will already give you 300 calories. On a cone, it will total 400 calories. The point is, how many cups of ice cream will it take to satisfy your hunger? A pint would be a good estimate.

But let’s go back to the deli and discuss this healthy orders and eating a little more.

Of course, the 6-inch sub will be better over the foot longs in terms of calorie count. Veggie subs are always lower in calories than the meats with the understanding that you’ll hold back on the cheese as much as possible. Choice of mustard over mayonnaise would be a good idea in reducing the calorie count even further.

Heart Friendly Choice

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Contrary to common belief, delis and sandwiches have preparations that can accommodate people with special conditions like heart disease.

One such preparation is the Spinach Veggie sub which only contains 350 calories with 13 grams of protein and only 5 grams of saturate fat and 570 mg. of sodium. It is a light sandwich choice for vegan’s and heart risk patients that doesn’t sacrifice taste for its low caloric value.

Some can even argue that heart friendly choices in most delis are a little more conservative than what they actually serve in hospitals but with greater value on taste and satisfaction.

Fits All

Fits All-DeliMenuPrices

One of the best things about deli sandwiches is that they can last the whole day for an entire day’s meal.

A side trip to the deli for your day’s preferred sub can solve that problem of not having enough time in the morning to prepare breakfast, being stuck with work and no time to go out for lunch and working overtime for rush peak season work.

One might say that you can tell person by the sandwich he is holding. That may be true as your sandwich will tell anyone the kind of life you live. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you a food lover or; just plainly hungry and in a hurry?