Best Deli Meats for Bodybuilding

To have enough fuel for your weight and muscle gain, your sandwiches need to be packed with a lot of protein. When people workout, the system burns a lot of calories, so enough protein should be available to help the body build muscles. It is therefore imperative that the food choices you make are bodybuilder-friendly.

As the go-to lunch choice for most people, not all sandwiches are unfortunately made equal. What people need to avoid are the meats that are pumped with sodium and chemicals. So if you want to buy fresh, good meat and other ingredients to make your sandwich, purchase these items from your local Safeway grocery store. Aside from the quality of food they provide, they offer their products at fair prices, so every customer gets the value for their money.

No need to get stuck in bologna and ham-and-cheese sandwiches. Below are excellent options to building your muscles. They will offer the body enough energy for you to perform your daily tasks, as well as your workout session in the gym.

Rotisserie Chicken

From local supermarkets, you can find whole roasted chicken on sale. Simply pull off the seasoned, juicy meat and your sandwich should be packed with quick protein, as this is contained in every ounce of rotisserie chicken. This food is also a great source of niacin, which is needed by the body to convert the food into energy that fuels your squats and deadlifts.

Remove the skin to lessen the intake of fat calories.

Black Forest Ham

You want to create a mouth-watering sandwich? Spread mustard on bread and place slices of black forest ham on top of it. Add tart apple, Swiss cheese, and arugula. Cap it with another bread and get ready to bite.

Black forest ham is simply more flavorful than the usual chicken breast and deli turkey. More than that, this meat has an excellent 10:1 protein-to-fat ratio, which makes it deliciously muscle-friendly.

Roast Beef

A lot of people would certify that roast beef is their favorite deli ingredient, though some of them would be afraid of the amount of fat it carries. No need to worry, though, since an ounce of serving only contains an ounce of fat. Furthermore, it supplies the body with high dose of protein, iron, and creatine.