Deli Sandwiches: Not Too Great Without the Cheese

Admit it, cheese makes a sandwich soar. When people talk about delis, it’s all about the meats and the cold cuts. But when you think about it, it’s the cheese that people imagine when the taste hits the mouth. It’s that creamy, melted ingredient that makes you want to take another bite.

Now if you’re suddenly craving for a fine sandwich, no one’s stopping you from heading to Albertsons and stocking your grocery basket with boneless, skinless chicken breast, beef ribeye steak, honeysuckle white frozen turkey, and a handful of delicious cheeses.

Once you have all your ingredients, mix them up to make your own deli, and grill it for that hot and crunchy taste. Heating the sandwich brings out the flavor, all for your eating pleasure. And of course, to get that gooey gloriousness in the sandwich, you simply have to choose the best meting cheeses.


Provolone is created with the use of a method called pulled curd or pasta filata. In this process, the cheese becomes soft, until it reaches that pleasingly ropy grind. Provolone can be bought sliced and should be available in your local supermarket.

There are also stores, such as Wisconsin’s BelGioioso and Auricchio, that sell aged Provolone, which is spicy and dense. The best ones for melting are the sharp and medium varieties.


This one you’ve definitely heard of, since it’s an ever famous pizza topping. This should be easy to find in grocery stores. Aside from buying the trusted brands, you can try the locally-made ones for variety. The best Mozzarella flavors can be found in the fresh balls, and not the ones that come in blocks.


The process of creating Gouda involves a procedure termed washing the curd. This happens when the whey is replaced by warm water in the cheese vat. Due to this method, Gouda’s acidity becomes lower than a lot of other cheeses, resulting to a chewy texture, sinuous, and sweeter relish. Perfect if you don’t want your sandwich salty.


Gruyere is an excellent melting cheese. And why not? It is made of raw milk from hill-grazing cows of Switzerland. Because of its gooey, smooth texture when heated, Gruyere will be perfect for your home-made deli sandwich. Brands you can try include French Comte, Mifroma, and Emmi Kaltbach.