Brooklyn’s Finest Delicatessen

The deli originated in the heart of New York but not many people know that besides Manhattan, there is another place in the Big Apple where one can find quality, delicious, and affordable sandwiches. That other borough for excellent eats happens to be in Brooklyn, just a 45-minute drive from the state’s most popular city.

While it is true that Brooklyn is known for the pizza and not the deli, there are several restaurants in the area that can make their NYC counterpart a run for their money. Best of all, the variety of sandwiches in this place is extremely wide.

One can eat a famous sandwich such as what they get from Katz’s Deli or a traditional variant from a local Albertsons in a matter of minutes, all they need is to follow this list.


Don’t let the crazy sandwich names such as “Scuttlebutt” or “The Captain’s Daughter” fool you. Located along Metropolitan Avenue, Saltie’s offer succulent and one-of-a-kind sandwiches that you’ll wonder why you’ve just heard of this restaurant. What more, the price ranges from $5 to $8, $9 being the most expensive, making this place one of the best well-kept secret of the borough.


If you’re a fan of the black and white era, then you have come to the right place. The location is an homage to everything “throwback” — from the signs to the menu. This deli also offers the best roast beef sandwich in Brooklyn and with a name like “Roast Beef Heroes”, you know you wouldn’t go wrong.


This restaurant offers old Italian favorites like big portions of lasagna with homemade mozzarella but their sandwiches can also be out of this world. It is a good thing it is far from NYC as you might feel sorry for yourself if you end up eating there everyday and finishing off the entire menu! Try their Italian coppa with a generous helping of Russo’s mozzarella and you’ll never want to leave this place ever again.


Are you looking for an Asian twist to your traditional deli sandwich? Then this place is right for you! Home to one of the “Best Banh Mi” in the island, this Vietnamese deli place will keep you coming back for more, especially during the summertime.