Top 4 Deli in NYC That Every New Yorker Should Know About

You’ve never fully experienced New York City without tasting the best deli sandwiches in the area. While there might be several deli that claim they offer or make the most delicious sandwich, it is important to note that there are only four legitimate deli that can actually say they offer the best.

This means that if the deli is not on the list, it is unlikely that they have the best sandwich in the city. To make this claim realistic, it is important to let everyone know the criteria where this list was based on:

  1. The deli must be Manhattan-based as this is where tourists and travelers often go, which means it is more than likely that the visitors have tasted the sandwiches in the deli;
  2. Rating was based on the favorite sandwich in the deli;
  3. That sandwich happens to be the pastrami sandwich.

Why are there only four deli included in the list? This is because the fifth spot on the list belongs to Publix as they have affordable but gourmet-made sandwiches that can be easily bought even on a cold, winter night.

Here is the list of the other four best deli in NYC.


It might be the second oldest deli in the city but due to its location and big sandwiches reputation, not many tourists come by this place. Besides being the most expensive pastrami sandwich at $17.99 a pop, the meat is sliced in thicker cuts, making the sandwich chewy and dry.


Their pastrami sandwich is priced at $11.50 but with the taste and ambiance, you’d seriously consider paying more. Unfortunately, it’s uptown location might have been too far for tourists to visit as not many out of town folks frequent this place.


With an iconic location and a delicious pastrami sandwich for $16.99, Katz’s will always be on the top of the list for best deli in the Big Apple. However, it can be too “tourist-y” and crowded so it did not take the top spot.


The pastrami sandwich heaven where tourists and even locals frequent just to get a bite. Thinly sliced pastrami generously placed in between two rye bread, topped with mustard and pickles, this is definitely the epitome of deli dining. For only $16.95, you can have heaven on your hands.