Does Turkey Make You Sick? The Truth About Turkey Meat

We feast on it during thanksgiving and all the leftover meat afterwards. And this makes us think if we really can make it to the scale without the fear of gaining a few pounds. The truth is turkey is one of the leanest and fat free deli meats. Wrap it, toss it, or bake it, turkey has one of lowest calorie contents among the deli meats out there. What makes it so delicious and fat free?

You can buy turkey thighs, breast, tenderloin, mince at cutlets. All these forms are delicious and can be combined or even act as substitute to recipes and achieve a low calorie meal without compromising flavor. It’s very famous because of the turkey sandwich, and has had many variations. With only about 30 grams of fat, and about a few calories, turkey has become the go-to meat when it comes to dieting and toning down cholesterol in your meals.

Turkey is a rich source of protein, and we should never run short of it. Without protein, the body fails to produce energy and our muscles will become weak and vulnerable to tearing. The more important component of protein is amino acids, which our bodies need for maintenance and growth.

Turkey Meat-

White turkey meat is definitely lower in fat that the dark meat.   That is why it is best to use the skinless turkey in making your wraps. Most of the turkey, about 70%, is composed of white meat than red meat.

If looking for a delicious source of zinc, potassium and phosphorus, turkey meat is definitely the meat to buy. Iron is good in making more red blood cells that strengthen our immune system and creates our self-defense mechanisms stronger. If you are engaged in an intense workout regimen, turkey will provide you with potassium that is important to muscle contraction, meaning that turkey will help you build your body at the same time lessen cramps. Phosphorus is also sourced in turkey, and energy to keep the body in tune with your daily work and also, phosphorus keeps the synthesis of proteins in good condition. Zinc is great for the body too, because it helps our bodies fight diseases and infections.

Turkey meat is also a rich source of vitamins, particularly Vitamin B6 and niacin. Vitamin B is essential to get rid of arthritis because this vitamin helps the body naturally produce cortisone. By eating turkey, you also lessen the lipids in your blood if you have high cholesterol problems. Niacin is also famous in improving memory as it helps in correcting senility problems.

The only downside to eating turkey is its high sodium content. Turkey skin is high in fat.

Lean turkey meat can be bought in Walmart and Albertsons. Other deli meat can be availed from there as well, with the same calorie content and nutritional value as turkey meat.

Many people feel wary of turkey meat because of its lack of flavor. However, being creative with turkey meat is only half of the challenge of dealing with turkey. Most of the time, turkey is used for sandwiches and wraps but it can be a versatile meat. You can even ground it up and make it a substitute to ground beef.

Obviously, the healthy choice would be turkey. But a lot of adults make irresponsible health choices and still opt to take red meat despite the many health problems that that will pose. A lot of people may opt to eat turkey but avoid eating greens and fruits. Eating turkey alone will not alleviate problems and risks. Our lifestyle choices will determine the quality of life that we will be living, and this will eventually affect the people around us.

The choice of eating turkey draws our attention more closely to our eating habits that will ultimately affect the way we act every day. Remember that eating turkey will not only affect our weight, but eventually our moods and state of self-image. Toxins that are caused by bad cholesterol and fat affect our way of behaving too.

So in the end eating turkey meat benefits us a whole lot more health-wise.