Famous Stars and Their Favorite Sandwiches

Sandwiches are so popular these days that many delis have named their sandwiches after them. And why not? There are so many ways to introduce new sandwich concepts, and for customers to easily remember them, these sandwiches are named after famous people. It’s fun and witty, and makes a good conversation piece over lunch!

Some delis make it a point to name their sandwiches after famous people because it keeps their delis famous at the same time, culturally relevant. Some delis remove the items once that that person is no longer popular, but the bestsellers remain permanent on the menu. Here are some of the famous sandwiches and their namesakes.

The Scott Baio is homemade mozzarella layered with prosciutto di parma, sopressata, banana peppers, basil and balsamic vinegar. This is a sandwich that is mostly just cheese, cheese and more cheese. This is a Brooklyn-founded sandwich and is named after Scott as a native of Brooklyn. Scott Baio is famous for his TV show “Charles in Charge” which ran for 6 years.

In the Carnegie Deli in NYC, they have always named sandwiches after famous people but most of them have just come and gone. One of the mainstays in their menu is the Woody Allen. This sandwich is called a towering mess due to its layers and layers of corned beef and pastrami. Similar to the life of Woody Allen, the sandwich is messy but ultra-protein packed.

JustinTImberlake SoupandThai- DeliMenuPrices.com

Justin Timberlake, of course, will not open a restaurant if he can’t name a sandwich after himself. The Justin Timberlake Thai sandwich and noodles is a combination of peanut sauce, corn bread, barbecued ribs and peanut sauce. Ramen is combined in a soup with bok choy. It’s a sandwich which is hip and modern, same as JT’s songs no doubt. Justin Timberlake is the hitmaker of songs like “Mirrors”, “Sexyback”, and “Suit and Tie.”

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner is very true to the sandwich and served in Hollywood. This sandwich is full of turkey and chicken breast, chutney, ham and jack cheese. Hugh Hefner is not just a magnate of the oldest magazines in the planet, he is also the namesake of a sandwich from which you will get a mouthful. Hugh Hefner is also a known gigolo, being recently married Crystal Harris, and had her sign an ironclad prenup.

The Burt Reynolds is an all-man sandwich with loads of roast beef, ham and peeled egg. The sandwich names are apropos to the all-ladies’ man/actor/debonair who starred in movies like “Boogie Nights” and “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld is not spared from the sandwich naming industry. The Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special is an open-faced bagel sandwich, toasted then topped with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon. This is a sandwich best eaten with bacon. “Seinfeld” is the hit TV sitcom that critically awarded and ran for 9 years.

The richest nerd in the world is Mark Zuckerberg, and in his beginnings at Boston, sandwich was named after him. The Mark Zuckerberg is a baguette with Boursin cheese and bacon and a side of sweet potatoes or fries. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook, earning billions of dollars and launched the revolution of social media.

Even Alfred Hitchcock is both a filmmaker and a name of a sandwich. This is a French roll smeared with mustard and squeezing in it are ham and provolone cheese. Alfred Hitchcock, the person, is a filmmaking genius and is known in history as the “Master of Suspense”. However, this sandwich is less than thrilling.

The Gertrude Stein is made with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, sweet pickled onions, cucumbers, avocado, and lettuce. Even poets have made it to the sandwich landmark. True to the art of Gertrude Stein, this sandwich is delicious and juicy with crunch of vegetables and avocado sweetness. Gertrude Stein is an American poet and is a major figure in American literature.

As far as celebrities are concerned, they are much publicized when it comes to eating (and dieting) that others who didn’t make it to the sandwich naming bandwagon have been known for their preferences. Priscilla Ahn, for example, loves a mean and large caprese sandwich from Santa Monica. Lucy Decoutere of “Trailer Park Boys” favors a Portobello hero sandwich.

When in Whole Foods or Schnucks, look out for delicious deli meat and other sandwich ingredients and make your own famous sandwich. The great part about sandwiches is it’s so easy to make, and will only take half an hour to eat!

When delis and restaurants start naming their sandwiches after famous people, it just goes to show how far sandwiches have gone through years of changes. Eating a sandwich isn’t just about a meal anymore, it’s now of a chunk of history put on your plate.