Everyone’s Most Favorite Deli Meats

Deli sandwiches are popular among people who are always on the go or just want to have fewer calories in their diet. These sandwiches are quick, convenient and very portable; not to mention healthier than the oil-drenched food served by most fast food chains.

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Delis usually have a variety of selected meat that goes well with a sandwich. In most delis such as Publix or Kroger Deli, one is free to choose the condiments and toppings that go with the chosen meat.

So what goes well with the chosen meat?

To answer this, an in-depth and more informed insight on the deli’s meat selection is needed. Below is a review of the most common meats found in deli counters.


Turkey breast slices are a staple in most delis. It is very popular, especially for those that want to cut on their calorie intake or those that want a good protein source for muscle gain. This is a very lean meat with only 30 calories per ounce and as such, larger portions can be eaten without worries of too much calories.

Turkey is also a very versatile meat in terms of the things that can go with it in a sandwich. Bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, tomato, lettuce, apples, mustard, walnuts and most condiments and toppings can go with it to make an appetizing sandwich. It also goes well with any type of bread you choose for the sandwich’ base.


Pork is another popular meat choice for delis throughout the country. Pork comes in the form of hams, pepperonis and salami. It should go without saying that the ones who order these are in it for the taste over the health benefits because the fat content is what makes pork taste good. For instance, a good ham, with ~15% fat content, can rack up about 35 calories per slice. So, it’s well-established that this isn’t for people who are a diet. It is there to please the palate, nothing more.

Like turkey, pork is not picky with the condiments and toppings that can go with in making a good-tasting sandwich. However, it should be noted that pickles, together with lettuce and tomato, really go well with ham and pepperoni. If more swine meat is warranted for the sandwich, feel free to add bacon, top them it with melted and voila, sandwich for a king.

Turkey and Beef- Delimenuprices.com

Roast beef, corned beef and pastrami sandwiches are often ordered in a deli. Beef is much leaner than pork, but it can still pack a punch. One ounce of beef, depending on the deli you order from, will have anywhere from 55-65 calories. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind when choosing beef. Just like pork, beef must also have good fat content to taste good. Pastrami, although from beef, are made from the leaner cuts and has less fat content, 40 calories for 2 ounces.

Beef is another non-picky meat base in terms of the things that go within when making a sandwich. Roast beef and pastrami can go well with roasted sauerkraut, veggies, onions and peppers, together with cheese, tomato and lettuce. It also gets complimented very well by a horseradish dressing. For corned beef, a humble slice of grilled and melted cheese on top of it will do wonders.

Additionally, after you have selected a one of these meats, stop by the Bakery and pick up a treat to top it off. Publix Bakery is full of many treats!