Is Deli Meat Bad for You? We Reveal the Shocking Truth!

Deli meat, lunch meat, and cold cuts – they have so many names but they all mean one thing. They bring the magic to your meal and they raise the ante when it comes to sandwiches. However, deli meat gets a bad rap from its high salt content and corn syrup by products. Deciphering through the healthy cold cuts and whole foods would only prove the cold cuts are healthy and good for a hearty meal.

Delis like Walmart or Whole Foods offer a vast selection of cold cuts and good deli meat. But with so much to choose from, and so many ways of handling it, that you can just get so confused. No two slices of cold cuts are ever the same, and there is not one way to approach them. Have the best of deli meat by reading this review, and see the endless bounds of where your palate can go.


First up is the chorizo. This classic pork and beef sausage is great as is, or even better fried and added to an omelet. The downside to it is its only good when fried, which will add up to your fat content. The apple cider adds a tangy taste, and would also be perfect with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and pasta.

Another good cold cut would be the salami. Found mostly in pizza, this great cold cut is salted and fermented and makes a great sandwich too. The garlicky flavor is great if put in a sub, arugula, Fontana, chives, and shaved fennel.


 A low calorie pasta dish would be perfect with a pancetta. Pancetta is an Italian version of bacon, salted and cured for at least three months. Try sprinkling pancetta on a tomato and cream sauce, with torn fresh basil mixed in penne. You will max out on the goodness for 560 calories. Remember to store in the fridge and use up for 4 days at the most.

The pepperoni is another great deli meat. Closely related to the salami, pepperoni is spicier and loaded with pepper and salt. However, this cold cut is best in a casserole. Toss with zucchini, garlic, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese then put in the oven with pasta – and you have a low calorie and pepper loaded casserole.

Roast beef is a very versatile whole meat. Made from a beef roasted and cut thinly, roast beef is great in a sandwich with lemon mayonnaise and grilled onions. Roast beef is top notch with melted pancetta. If you want to go fusion, try roast beef strips in olive oil and soy sauce combo, grilled onions and top it on a cup of rice.


The turkey breast is always at the top of the list when it comes to diet recipes mainly because it’s 97% fat free and 100% meat. Turkey breast is cut into slices and roasted, and would be best in a salad, tomatoes and basil. Turkey breast is also put in a pita wrap with a rich mixture of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. If you infuse the turkey breast in sage and thyme, and bake it in a slab of dry mayonnaise and olive oil, you’ll also get a good surprise out of your turkey breast.

And who can forget the ham off the bone? This meat comes from a cured ham leg that has been rubbed with salt mixture and let cure for a couple of weeks. For ham off the bone, the best way to eat it is with a baguette and butter. Ham is also swell in a creamy potato casserole.

For other tasty meats, look at the selection at Walmart or Publix. Try to mix and match with sandwiches and pasta, or add a twist of Asian flavor to it. Whatever recipe you will take to a salami or turkey breast, the goal is to use the cold cut for the tastiest and lowest calorie dish.

It is true that people might be apprehensive to try a cold cut meal. However, the best approach is to use in recipes wisely, and a good load of vegetables will complete your nutritional requirement. What is important to note is that your meal is lean and healthy, and of course, as flavorful as possible, so that your taste buds can still be invigorated with the variety of tastes. Also, try recipes with Asian or Cuban twists to it, and use other ingredients like satay sauce or soy sauce.

Who said that deli meat is unhealthy? The shocking truth is it is not, and the reality of it is that every health buff will swear to benefits of deli meat.