A Deli Sandwich is America’s Solution to Obesity

According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is prevailing among middle aged adults, meaning from ages 40 to 55. Current obesity rates in the US have risen to 27.7%, meaning that there is a rise of obese people, and mostly due to unhealthy eating habits and poor routine.

This is why the best way to attack the obesity problem is to change the way we eat. Unhealthy snacking and lack of physical activity only make the obesity problem worse. There is also an obvious lack of education regarding obesity, and a culture that is encouraged by an endless appetite for processed foods.

Most of us don’t even realize this, but the obesity problem will be solved by simply eating a low-calorie sandwich. And sandwiches need not to be bland and boring. Here are a few low-calorie diets which you can find in your favorite delis or be made at home.

For example, when you thought that the same old egg salad would just be as boring as it is, think again. Why not change the routine a bit and add watercress to it? Fresh watercress will add a bit of zest to the sandwich, not to mention a crunch that will be a delight to the mouth. Most people think that eggs are boring, or it’s just a breakfast thing. With a lite mayonnaise, a bit of salt and watercress, make the eating experience new and exciting.

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ct snack alternative would be the grilled eggplant with tomatoes and spiced arugula. For just 250 calories, this sandwich is perfect to fill those hunger pangs, and if eaten with salad, makes a filling lunch. What makes this sandwich unique is the combination of the eggplant’s smoky flavor combined with the lusciousness of tomatoes. The side salad that is eaten with it adds more flavor.

This is a sandwich that is delicious, flavorful, and will fill up your day with the right amount of protein. The Guinness-marinated bison sandwich is composed of meat marinated in Guinness beer, salt, and pepper, and is served open-faced with caramelized onion. The sandwich is only 350 calories, and makes a perfect lunch with a light salad.

The barbecue pork sandwich is also a protein packed sandwich with only 319 calories. The barbecue sauce should be adjusted to low sodium for the salt-conscious. With this sandwich, you are getting your barbecue pork fix without engorging the fat from a regular barbecued rib.

If your diet is being a drag and you are getting tired of the same old flavors, why not try a peanut and tofu wrap? By using a regular Thai peanut sauce, tomatoes, tofu and onion leeks, you can make a wrap that tastes unique and tasty.

Turkey sandwiches are always great. Albertson’s, for example, sells 99% fat free turkey, which makes more room for a slice of cheese. There are other ways to make the turkey sandwich more appealing, like adding provolone and pickled sandwiches.

Have a chicken pita wrap from Kroger’s Deli for a quick way to fill up that chicken craving. The chicken pita is packed fresh, like the other sandwiches from Kroger, and surely fresh and straight to the point.

Even when you’re trying to lose weight, there is no reason why you can’t have a slice of steak. This is by making a grilled steak sandwich. You can make the sandwich straight on the grill or putting the grilled steak on the bread with lettuce and tomatoes. It’s great for only 350 calories.grilledeggplantparmesandelimenuprices

Another option is the grilled eggplant parmesan sandwich. This is a scrumptious sandwich with only 250 calories, and grilling the eggplant is less fattening than fried. Plus, add melted parmesan for added flavor.

Delis in Safeway and Wal-mart have a wide range of organic and natural vegetables and meat that will fill your imagination with different sandwich concoctions. Have your own variations of sandwiches and make sure that your meals are lean and calorie-friendly.

Eating well and living happily is a choice that requires lifestyle changes and a pro-active attitude. Make sure that your dietary needs are still met while trying to lose weight. In this manner, losing weight becomes a more enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that deprivation will not make you lose weight, but will lead to stress eating and later on, frustration. The goal in losing weight is to make yourself happier with yourself, and to be able to live a normal life with less processed foods.

With a good diet and a workout routine, you will embark on a journey towards wellness and self-preservation, a step towards a happier you, and ultimately, influence others with the positive outcome in you.