New York Food Truck: The New Delicatessen?

New York City is often known to be the pioneer in trends. From fashion, viral videos, to even food, this city has done it. With the rise of the food truck industry due to television series, great marketing strategy, and people looking for easy chow on the streets, this innovative way of bringing the good eats to people who are literally on the go may be putting an end to the classic sit-down at a local deli.

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Why It Sells

While nothing can beat having lunch at the heart of a deli like Katz’s or a simple take away gourmet sandwich from Kroger, the idea of getting a sandwich with the same quality and taste from a food truck can be quite exciting. Who wouldn’t want a delicious meal while strolling around Central Park?

Furthermore, the food truck industry was a hit because it was able to decipher what New Yorkers like and that is turning everything gourmet to succulent and affordable street food. Many food trucks offer meals that are usually ordered in a restaurant, add a little twist on it, and voila, a customer is presented an entirely different yet restaurant-quality meal.

How It Works

Besides getting the attention of the busy New Yorkers, the food truck is able to tap on another trending marketing strategy and that is through the power of social media. In the US alone, almost half of the population has a Facebook or Twitter. By sending a tweet or a post, everyone is notified of where the food truck will be and at what time it will start operating. It is free, easy to use, and has a 100 percent chances of getting attention.

Once the virtual announcement has been sent, it is time for the food truck owners to get cooking. Amazingly, everything they need is in the truck. From the mobile stove, oven, and tiny fridge, the food truck is literally transformed into a mini kitchen, complete with a cook and a server.

It is true that nothing can beat a traditional deli but with the presence of food trucks such as “Deli & Dogz” or “Snowday”, customers now have the chance to choose where they’ll get their sandwiches. And sometimes, foods that are fast and delicious can beat traditional and gourmet any day.