Be Healthy, Eat At A Deli

When one says deli, that person would immediately think of thinly sliced meat cuts, oozing with too much sodium, fat, or carbs. But, did you know that it is possible to eat healthy at a local deli shop?

Whole Foods may come to mind if you think of a healthy one-stop deli place but it does not necessarily have to be just in an organic shop. Any customers can eat healthier at their favorite deli place, just as long as he knows how to choose the right ingredients.

If you are aware or have knowledge of these lighter options, chances are you will end up eating a meal that has 100 calories or less! Here is a few tips on how to do it by yourself.

1) Choose a meat that is lean and has less fat.

It may seem difficult to make the healthier decision if you are in front of huge slabs of chunky, delicious-looking meat. Self-control shouldn’t be the only attitude you have but also, determination and being picky.

Always remember that turkey and chicken may be the leanest meat you can see in a deli. If you are not into poultry, you may ask for a leaner red meat version of your favorite ham, pastrami or roast beef. You might want to stay away from additional meat like bacon or salami if you wish to have a healthier, lighter lunch.

2) Opt for whole grain bread instead of white bread.

While white bread may taste sweet or better, whole grain bread is actually a healthier choice. Do you want to know how to make whole grain bread sound a better option? Have the server toast it for a few seconds to a minute until the grains are golden brown; this can make it crunchy and delicious in no time.

3) Stay away from the condiments.

Deli meat are already properly seasoned. Adding tons of condiments like mustard, mayonnaise and catsup may just add a few unwanted calories to your lunch. Besides, a true deli sandwich eater consumes the sandwich at its barest.

4) Keep your soup clear.

Eating a sandwich with a bowl of soup can provide any customer with a hearty, satiating meal. Unfortunately, if you are like most eaters who want their soups creamy, then you are just making your lunch as heavy as possible in terms of calories. Vegetable or chicken broth soup is the best choice as it can provide lesser calories.