Sandwich 101: The Ultimate Deli Survival Guide

Craving for a tasty sandwich that can only be satisfied by the best deli in town? Then fret no more as this ultimate deli survival guide will give your deli-hunting days an upgrade. From tips on how to make the best sandwich to what’s really good to eat (or not) in trendy chains, you will never see a deli the same way again (unless it’s Publix Deli sandwiches)!

How to Make the Perfect, Healthy Sandwich

  1. Start with a slim bread slices or flat bun because it’s the first calorie-eater in a sandwich. Go crazy with the veggies and the lean protein but never consider thick slices. Or better yet, forget about the other slice and learn how to eat everything open-faced.
  2. While turkey might be your go-to lean meat, there are other proteins that you might want to consider. Chicken breast, roast beef, and ham are great choices because of their low-fat content. Beware of the bologna, bacon, salami and pepperoni if you wish to eat healthy and light.
  3. Skip the cheese if you have a pile of meat in your sandwich. However, you may want a slice or two if there’s no meat involved and you’ve gone with vegetables as your main filling.
  4. Condiments are great but be careful with what you add in your sandwich as it may be the biggest calorie adder in it. For a smart choice, you can never go wrong with mustard, light vinaigrettes, and red wine vinegar. Watch out for the mayo as it is known to be overused in all deli places.
  5. Go easy on the sides and make sure to get healthy options. Fresh fruit, salads, and soups are your best takes even if chips, cookies, and fries sound tempting. If you really need a dressing, dipping helps.

What and What Not to GetSweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich -

  • SUBWAY: The healthiest option is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich as it uses lean chicken with a fat-free sweet
    sauce. The worst option is the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, which can get as high as 570 calories in one eating.
  • BLIMPIE: Due to their successful “Favorites Made Lighter” campaign, a six-inch Veggie and Provolone is one of your best choices because of it’s 330 calories. However, the Veggie Supreme is another story because even if it’s meat-free, it has too much cheese that adds up to the 550 calories it gives.
  • QUIZNOS: Get a guilt-free sandwich in The Traditional by swapping the dressing for honey mustard and small, wheat-bread which can give customers a light, 368 caloric intake. Beware of the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap as it gives an overwhelming 1,080 calories in total, 510 calories coming for the tzatziki sauce alone!
  • JERSEY MIKE’S: Turkey Breast and Provolone is your best take and it can be eaten in two ways – a mini using wheat to give out 425 calories or “in a tub” like a salad for only 250 calories. Stay far away from the Grilled Veggie Wrap because unbelievably, it packs about 910 calories even with no meat inside!
  • JIMMY JOHN’S: The Beach Club JJ Unwich allows people who are on low carb diet to enjoy a decent sandwich because it swaps bread with lettuce, giving it only 200 calories a pop. However, do not be fooled by the slim on the Slim 3 Tuna Sandwich because there is nothing slimming about this creation as it gives away a shocking 765 calories in all.