Sandwiches in Fast-foods: What To Eat and What Not to Eat

With dozens of choices in popular fast-food restaurants and delis, you will likely have a challenging time choosing the healthier options. You may even think that your choices are healthier than the rest of your fellow diners only to realize that you are wrong, no thanks to hidden calories.

Fortunately, you can skip on the unhealthy choices and choose the healthy food without completely depriving yourself of your fast-food fix. Here are the foods that you can skip and eat in a few of the popular fast-food restaurants in the United States.


Skip Arby’s Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Market Fresh Sandwich with its huge 800 calories, 35 grams fat, and 2,250 mg sodium content. Even its delicious combo of bacon, turkey, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and ranch sauce should not even tempt you to order eat, much less eat all of it.

A better choice at Arby’s is the Regular Roast Beef Sandwich served plain – no melted cheese, mayo, and sauce since it amounts to 50 calories for a tiny packet. Your total calorie count will be 360 calories, 14 grams fat with 5 grams saturated fat, and 970 mg sodium.

Burger KingTender Crisp Chicken Sandwich-

When it comes to calorie-laden burgers, Burger King is at the top of the heap. One of the most calorie-laden foods on its menu is the Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich, a fried chicken placed on top of a bun and slathered with a creamy but high-fat dressing.

It has 700 calories, 42 grams fat, and 1,430 mg sodium. In fact, you should steer clear of anything on the menu with the word “Crisp” as it’s a red flag for high-fat, deep-fried food.

You are better off choosing the TenderGrill Chicken Sandwich on a ciabatta bun. This is a juicy grilled chicken filet with a lettuce and tomato topping – still delicious but with considerably less calories (410), fat (16 grams), and sodium (830 mg).

You can add onions, pickles and mustard to your sandwich, which will add flavor without the calories.


With their delicious subs and sandwiches, Subway is a top favorite among foodies but its menu can sometimes leave something to be desired, health-wise. Your worst bet here is the 6-inch Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt, a calorie-laden, fat-enriched choice with 570 calories, 28 grams fat, and 1,050 mg sodium.

You can still enjoy a 6-inch piece of food heaven albeit with healthier ingredients with the 6-inch Black Forest Ham Sandwich. Your total count – 290 calories, 4.5 grams fat, and 800 mg sodium. You also have other healthy choices, such as roast beef, roast chicken, turkey breast and ham, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, and vegetable delight.

It’s not just the main meals that count. You have to watch the calorie, fat and sodium count of the side dishes, too, since these can add up to your intake for the day.

Your order of fries, chips, and salads loaded with dressing, as well as beverages including soda, slush, and juice will eventually get not just to your stomach but to your waist, too.

Another option is Publix Deli, they offer many delicious sandwiches.