The Top Delis in Los Angeles Today

Delis are very popular in LA, and you can easily tell by going to Albertsons. Of course there are a lot of delis in LA, so which ones do you go to? Rather than try each one you can just follow this guide and savor the treats available.


Located in West Los Angeles, Factor’s is the quintessential deli, having been in the area since 1948 and remains as popular as it’s ever been. Factor’s is well known for its varied menu that offers just about everything you can ask for such as chicken fajitas to sausages as well as other deli treats and goodies. No matter what you order, you’re getting latkes (potato pancakes) and a few more.


Brent’s, which is in Northridge, is a family run deli that has been around since the 1960s, and their newly opened Westlake Village location provides you with more stuffed kishka and cheese blintzes, as well as generous amounts of onions, lox, and lots of breakfast bagels. And yes, potatoes and Matzo ball soup.

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Langer’s, which has been at MacArthur Park since the mid 1940s, is as much known for its menu as its location. Since 1947 people have been patronizing this place in particular for #19 or the coleslaw and pastrami sandwich, one of the best not just in LA but the US. There are a lot of items you can order on the menu but if you’re going to choose just one, go for #19.


Beginning the late 1940s, Billy’s has been churning out burgers and meatwitches throughout Glendal, and it’s just as popular for their “food wall” and it’s definitely an eye catcher. There are a lot of treats and goodies here, but the highlight is of course the Reuben.


Located at Mid-Wilshire, this 24 hour deli has been a staple on Fairfax for a long time, and it’s famous for its servers and having once been the place where Guns N’ Roses used to eat. Given the food and the decoration, it’s not surprising that happened. Apart from the typical delis, you’re going to get plenty of cookies, chicken turkey soup, Matzo ball soup and more.

Nate ‘n Al

Nate ‘n Al in Beverly Hills is as traditional as it can get at LA, and for the last 60 years has been the favorite of Hollywood celebs and athletes to regular Joes who just want good deli. Their menu is one of the most varied, but the cream cheese and lox are not to be missed.

Art’s Deli

When it comes to Jewish delis in Studio City, Art’s Deli is the place to be. While this isn’t as hyped as the other delis, Art’s has been in the scene since 1957 and gives you everything from pastrami sandwiches to noodle kugel. If you’re only going to get one, your best option will be the sky-high sandwiches, but you ought to try out their soup as well.

Bottom line: you really can’t go wrong with any of these if you’re after serious deli, they’re that good.