Top 5 Cuckoo Sandwiches Ever Made

A deli shop has seen the best and the worst sandwich in its kitchen. While it is safe to say that a local store like Walmart will not surprise their audience with a strange-looking bite, some restaurants are a different story.

The reason behind the rebellion is something most customers are still figuring out but it is probably to break the monotony of daily service. Whatever their reasons are, these restaurants and deli defied all odds and came up with the weirdest creations ever.

Here is a list of the top 5 cuckoo sandwiches people can’t stop wondering why they were even made.

1) The Melo

Made by Carnegie Deli located in the heart of New York City, this sandwich is basically a tribute to New York Knicks NBA player Carmelo Anthony. This monstrous creation is a tall heaping of bacon, salami, and pastrami all kept in between four slices of rye bread. Intimidating in height like it’s model superstar, whoever orders this sandwich will not only end up hurting his jaw but also his pocket as it is priced at a whooping $21.95.

2) The Big Sandwich

If the name doesn’t give you a hint, then maybe it is time for you to back away and order a new item from the menu. While this creation is technically not from any restaurant in the world as it was created by a group of teens who seem to have nothing else to do on a Friday night, it’s huge presence went viral and people are now wondering if they can recreate it. With an astounding 50,000 calories due to the slabs of bacon, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, and sausages to name a few, it might take awhile before anyone can finish eating it.

3) Rubik’s Cubewich

Like any child’s fantasy, this assortment of cold cuts, different cheese, and other deli meats is an homage to the doggone years everyone had. But, there is one question that remains unanswered until now — how do you eat this thing?

4) Fried Brain Sandwich

This South American creation was made in Schottzie’s Bar & Grill in St. Louis. Like any true Southern delicacy, the sliced brains are coated in batter and deep fried for goodness knows why. The main ingredient was cow’s brain but due to the Mad Cow Disease outbreak, it was changed to pig’s brain for protection.

5) The Candwich

A sandwich in a can, need I say more?