4 Reasons to Buy Your Lunch at Kroger

Kroger is one of the oldest deli and grocery chains in the United States. After its launch in 1883, the company now has more than 2,600 store locations in the country. Sticking to its dictum, of being particular and not selling just anything it wouldn’t want to own, Kroger has become bigger and continues to grow.

A proven solid sell for the company has always been its party platter menu items. These platters cover anything from appetizers to sandwiches to desserts and even children’s lunches. Speaking of lunches, here 4 good reasons to buy lunch from Kroger.

Food is Fresh

Food is Fresh- DeliMenuPrices.com

Kroger prides itself with the freshness of food in its platters. Whether it’s meat, fish, veggies or any produce, as long as it’s on display, you are assured that it is fresh and safe to eat. With priorities for local suppliers, consumers shopping at Kroger are guaranteed with the freshest of food that undergoes the least amount of processing, if any at all; making it healthy and most certainly, a good place shop for natural food meals. Through the prioritization of local produce, it creates jobs for local agricultural industries.

Best Tasting Lunch Packs

Online reviews for Kroger lunch platters are always positive. Entire forum posts, filled with hundreds of responses, are dedicated just to discuss the best tasting food platters from the grocery chain. This growing popularity and support among social circles within the internet is great testament to how good the food selections at Kroger are.

Needless to say, these positive responses power the company to propel itself and its products to even greater heights in terms of quality and taste.

Aside from its dedication towards fresh and locally produced ingredients, Kroger also creates a selection of top quality lunches on-the-go for children. From the classic PB&J sandwich to an assortment of sweets that every kid loves; Kroger has them all.

It Always Has What We Need

Whether you are in for to grab a quick lunch, a sandwich, maybe a selection of deli meat and cheeses, for yourself or eight other people, Kroger caters to your needs. Ready to serve meals for up to sixteen people are always some of the more convenient grabs that the grocery chain offers.

It caters to both vegan and meat-lovers alike. Scrumptious cakes and desserts, tasty sandwiches, gorgeous meat, savory cheeses, fresh salads, fruit platters and cut veggies ready for dipping; the options are virtually limitless.

Cheap Prices

A pan of baby back ribs, ready to eat with its meat falling off the bone, good for serving 10-12 people in just under $25 USD. A pound of pork ribs at under $ 3USD. Chicken breast, a pound of it, for less $2 USD. Kroger offers some of the best deals when it comes to food.

The prices are truly reflect the company’s intent of providing the best quality food at prices that everyone can afford.