Most Popular Safeway Sandwiches

From a single deli shop founded in 1915 by M.B. Skaggs on the principles of offering only value for money products, Safeway has now emerged as a leader in the deli and grocery store industry with over 1200 outlets throughout the country.

Although known for its grocery home deliveries, Safeway first made its mark in the deli market as well. Through the years, its deli shops have become a haven for people wanting quick and appetizing meals. The majority of of these people, often times, will order one of Safeway’s well-known sandwiches. To ease the decision-making on what to order, here is a list of Safeway’s most popular sandwiches:

Hot Sandwiches

Chicken Artichoke

Chicken Artichoke is a combination of chicken meat and artichoke hearts, topped with mozzarella, aioli and onions stacked on top of a soft roll bread. You can choose to top this with lettuce and tomato. This is a healthy sandwich; a good fit for those who are looking to reduce their calorie intake.

Turkey Pesto Avocado-
Turkey Pesto Avocado

Turkey Pesto Avocado is made by spreading Provolone cheese and mayonnaise over Focaccia bread and topping it with turkey meat slices and avocado. Just like most sandwiches on Safeway, you can opt for toppings of lettuce and tomato. Fresh, rich and scrumptious are best three words to describe this wonderful sandwich.

Chicken Bacon Avocado

This sandwich is as tasty as it sounds and it’s easily arranged as well. Focaccia bread is sliced and topped with avocado, aioli, chicken and bacon. You can top this with lettuce and tomato if you feel the need to. Anything with bacon is bound to taste great.

Smoked Turkey Chipotle

Smoked Turkey Chipotle is an assembly of bacon, smoked turkey meat slices and pepper jack, on top of a soft roll bread. A topping of lettuce and tomato is an option for this sandwich. This is actually one of the highest-rated safeway sandwiches, based on people’s responses from the internet.

Philly Cheesesteak

Among the roster of mouth-watering sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteak is the only one that does not come with the lettuce-tomato-topping option. However, it does not disappoint. An overload of roast beef, Provolone and American Cheeses, green peppers, and onions on top of a soft roll, which has a mayonnaise spread. This is one of the best tasting sandwiches that safeway offers.

Cold Sandwiches


Italian is one of the lighter cold sandwich arrangements. A sourdough roll is spread and topped with slices of mozzarella, pepperoncini, aioli, salami and prosciutto; giving birth to a rich taste while being light on the stomach. The sandwich comes with an optional topping of lettuce and tomato.

All Meat

As the name suggests, the all meat sandwich is loaded. This mother of all Safeway sandwiches has four kinds of meat; roasted beef, salami, turkey and ham, to top a base of Provolone, onions, mustard and honey spread over sliced white bread. This monster of a meat sandwich will satisfy all meat-cravings. Of course, the lettuce and tomato topping come as a native option.

Turkey Bacon Avocado

Turkey Bacon Avocado, just like the Italian, is a light cold sandwich. Avocado and ranch dressing are spread over sourdough rolls and topped with turkey meat slices and bacon. This is actually one of the more refreshing cold sandwiches from Safeway and, as with the rest of the sandwiches except the Philly Cheesesteak, offers the lettuce-tomato topping as a staple option.