Are Deli Sandwiches Great for Dieters?

Delis can be a healthy choice for people who are on a strict diet. It’s all about your food choices. Needless to say, a regular serving of a bacon-loaded sandwich won’t let you lose any weight and in fact, do the opposite and make you fat. Hence, a careful consideration of what you put in your sandwich can lead to a more fruitful diet.

Lean meat is advised for people who are on a diet. There are a lot of lean meat products in a deli shop if you know what to look for. It is also important to note that meat is only half the problem; that the condiments and toppings play another half. Here are a few suggestions on making a delightful sandwich with lean meat, as well as carefully considered condiments and toppings.

Turkey-based Sandwiches

Turkey meat, among deli meat products, is the healthiest with only 30 calories per ounce while dishing out 6g of protein. It is a very lean meat and quite popular for people who are on diets. The best thing about it is that you can have almost as much as you want without worrying about weight. This is a good alternative to enjoy meat without racking up pounds and adding inches to your waistline.

Turkey Are Deli Sandwiches Great for Dieters-

Turkey breast slices can go well with lettuce, tomato, apples and mustard. Try to avoid adding calorie-heavy condiments and toppings like mayonnaise and bacon strips. Also, an important note for turkey is that some delis end up curing it too much and adding a lot of salt. Ask the deli counter for turkey slices with a low-sodium content. It is important to note that too salt can lead to kidney problems.

Chicken-based Sandwiches

Just like turkey, chicken is a wise meat choice for deli sandwiches. A two ounce serving of chicken, only has 50 calories, which is a really good thing. The meat though, is not as lean, has less protein and more saturated fat, although very negligible, in it than that of a turkey’s. For dieting individuals, the calorie count is what matters most and chicken, based on the findings is a good fit.

The same concerns about sodium content should be said about chicken as it was with turkey. Most delis broil their poultry products, which makes it absorb a substantial amount of sodium chloride, which we simply know as salt. Make sure to ask the deli counter for chicken breast with less sodium content.

Chicken breast slices on a sandwich can really go well with anything but is especially delightful and refreshing when paired with tarragon and celery. Remember to use the least amount of mayonnaise necessary.

If possible, try to avoid pork and beef-based sandwiches and their derivatives. These include salami, pastrami, roast beef, ham, pepperoni and bacon. Check out your local Walmart or Albertsons Deli for these deals!  Most of these have high fat content and are loaded with tons of salt, which is just trouble when continuously consumed on a day to day schedule.