Best Deli Choice for a Sexier Body

Nothing builds confidence than sporting a well chiseled, sporty fit physique. Be it for men or women, the slim fit athletic look fits the modern fashion of tight short shorts and sleeveless casuals for women, tight knee highs for men and tight short short-sleeves for men.

And like never before, people are actually paying attention on the lifestyle that brings about this modern day look. It’s not enough that one is naturally blessed with washboard abs. What’s more important is the accompanying lifestyle that goes with the chiseled six-pack. The look means nothing without the exercise and diet that goes with it.

Calorie Counting

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Ask any fitness athlete and professional and they would easily tell you that body sculpting, whether it’s for size or shape, will involve 20% activity, or exercise and 80% diet.

Yup! It is and will always be about calorie counting. To maintain your weight and increase the proportion of muscles over fats, you have to keep a balance of how much calories you put in with the amount of calories you expend. And, to trim down, you have to take in little less calories than the amount you use up.

Moreover, the calories that you decide to take in should come from the high quality protein sources that will be useful for muscle building and complex carbs that will be able to fuel your exercises. It’s not enough to go by the numbers and fill your tummy with empty calories.

Choice of Meats

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You don’t need to restrain yourself from eating out to get the best food calorie content. The major change that you will have to apply is on your choice of orders.

The best choice of meat from your favorite Walmart Deli is skinless turkey breasts.

An ounce of turkey breasts will give you 5.16 grams of protein while other meats like ham will only provide 4.65 grams, bologna only has 2.88 grams and pastrami only contains .62 grams.

With approximately .35 grams of fat for every 1-oz. serving, skinless turkey breast will be your best heart friendly meat and rules over other protein sources like bologna’s 8 grams and salami’s 10 grams for the same serving.

Another factor that affects the way you look is water retention. Water retention makes the skin thicker and hides the muscle striations that define the chiseled look. Having less water retention gives you that paper thin skin look that emphasizes muscularity.

Another thing going for skinless turkey breasts is its low sodium content which contributes to water retention. While all kinds of meat have a fairly large amount of sodium, skinless turkey breasts contains the least. Turkey breasts only contain 302 mg of sodium per 1-oz slice while bologna contains 302 mg, ham contains 365 and salami with a whopping 529 mg. of sodium for the same serving. Pastrami comes in as the best alternative for chicken breast with 248 mg of sodium.

Frequency of Meals

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Another thing you need to work on is increasing your metabolism. While exercise is a contributing factor in increasing one’s metabolism, the greatest contributing factor is your eating habits.

What you would like to achieve is maximum protein absorption. Simply put, you should be able to put everything you eat into good use and be more efficient in disposing of the unneeded calories. Increasing the frequency of your meals is the best way to do this.

Proteins are only useful for the first 3 hours and will become just like any other stored calorie afterwards.

Fitness athletes and professionals follow this principle and divide their meals into, at least, 6 or more small meals throughout the day. There is no reason why you can’t apply the same.

The next time you go to Kroger Deli, have your turkey breast sandwich divided into four equal servings. That should already provide you with the 4 meals that you can allot for your working day’s schedule. That style of eating will work best for active working adults who would normally eat their breakfasts and dinners at home; and everything else on the go.

While preparing your 4 small meals at home before leaving for work or school is a sound plan, a short trip to the deli on the way to work for a take-out is a very convenient but still productive way of upping your meal frequency.

Eating less volume per meal will also prevent you from starving which is the most common cause for overeating.

But remember; never overdo the healthy eating lifestyle at the risk of being boring. A regular cheat day is always advisable to complement a healthy eating plan. Eating less of the tasty and sugar ice cream will actually help you appreciate it more.

Your sexy physique does not require deprivation. It only needs a small adjustment and apportioning of your favorite food.