Best Deli Menu Items at Publix

Publix is a supermarket chain that opened in 1930 and now has over a thousand retail stores in the country and currently has more than 140,000 employees. In 1963, the chain started deli services and has since, become a popular destination during lunch hours.

The Publix deli department offers pork, poultry and beef sandwiches, salads, individual and combo-meals with sides, as well as their specials and commercial refreshments. However, this large array of appetizing choices can take a lengthy decision-making. To help hasten the process, below are the best bang for the buck menu items to order from Publix Deli.

For Individual Meals

Individual Meals-

Individual meals in the Publix Deli include 2 side dishes and a roll. To start with, the 2-piece dark meat, which is thigh and drumstick, is a good value at just over 4 USD. For the really heavy eaters, the 20-piece Hot and Spicy wings for less than 10 USD is a bargain of a deal.

Another good value is ½ of a roasted chicken for under 6 USD. This too, includes 2 side dishes and a roll. If ½ is too much, the same sides and rolls go with ¼ of a roasted chicken for under 5 USD.

For vegans, a chosen selection of greens is wrapped and sold at just under 5 USD.

For Meals On-the-Go

In most delis, sandwiches are almost always your best option for on-the-go meals. However, with Publix, aside from sandwiches, other portable meals are possible. For sandwiches, half a Philly for just under 7 USD is the best option. If that’s not enough, you can opt for the whole Philly, just over 9 USD. You can also take out half an Asian Pork BBQ for under 6 USD, as well as half of chicken tenders for just over 6 USD.

Another popular are items that people take out are under cold subs and wraps. Every palate inclination is catered to here. Sandwich wraps are just over 6 USD. The Ultimate, an arrangement of ham, turkey, roast beef and swiss cheese, is one of their many offered options.

For Group and Family Meals

For a family or group of four, Publix’s family combo meals are good fits. For under 12 USD, you get a choice between a whole Rotisserie chicken or an 8-piece selection of chicken cuts. Both combo meals come with sides and a 4-pack dinner rolls.

For Parties and Gatherings

The Publix deli offers the best cost-effective solution for a small gathering of people. The 20-piece crispy chicken (a mixed set of 5 pieces from 4 different cuts – breasts, drumsticks, wings and thigh), just over 18 USD, is a cost-effective party food for 5-6 people. The 20-piece Hot and Spicy wings is also a cheap answer for just under 10 USD.


For specials, there is an option of a pound of Provolone cheese for just under 6 USD and sweet ham for just under 7USD. However, a pound of Boar’s Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey Breast for just under 10 USD is the bang for the buck special they offer.